The Perfect Christmas Pudding


The Perfect Christmas Pudding

There is something about the humble Christmas pudding that fills me with so much happiness. As small as it sounds, I feel like it is such a communal dessert to share with all of your loved ones – and that unmistakable fruity/boozy combo is the absolute dream to follow on from a good roast turkey!

Whilst you can go ahead and buy a ready made pudding in the supermarkets, making your own at home gives it that added touch of love… The fact that this recipe is free from refined sugar is a total bonus. Don’t be put off by the steaming time and slightly long list of ingredients; ’tis the season to get creative in the kitchen and experiment with all those gorgeous festive flavours!

After so many of you trying out and loving my mince pies from a couple of weeks ago (thanks so much for sharing your snaps with me!), I really hope that you enjoy this one just as much.

Happy Christmas beautiful,

Madeleine xxx

P.S You definitely don’t want to miss out on my vanilla cashew cream for a dairy free topping! Check out how to make it right here. :)


Good For


Place the dried fruit into a bowl with the orange juice and zest.

In a food processor cream the butter and sugar, keeping the blade on add in the eggs followed by the flour, oats, nuts, banana and dried spices.

Then add in the dried fruit allow it to blitz for 20 seconds then turn off.

Butter or oil a pudding basin then cut as small disc of baking paper and press in the base of the basin.

Spoon in your mixture and push down with a spoon. I started trying to explain how to cookthe pudding but this video does a better job as it’s a bit confusing when you first do it!

You want to fill a pot with simmering water, when you place the pudding you want the water come just over half way up the pudding bowl. Steam for 8 hours.

Once steamed remove the foil and place it in a tin. When you want to serve it you need to cover it in the same way again and steam for 2 hours then serve with some rum on top and my vanilla cashew cream!

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