Stomach Soothing Green Juice

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Green Stomach Soothing Juice

Stomach Soothing Green Juice

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Check out this delicious stomach soothing green juice!

It’s got cucumber which is really hydrating, fennel and ginger which are super soothing on the tummy, and lemon to sweeten it up.

I’ve got another recipe for the ultimate green juice if you’re looking for something very green indeed.

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Serves 2 Ready in 5 minutes


Chop up the ingredients to fit in your juicer and juice!



  • LivvyB

    Madeleine! I’ve just bought myself a juicer (they were on offer last week in Lakeland!) and I tried this recipe this morning! It’s a beaut!! I have to admit I was a little unsure about the fennel as I’ve never really liked fennel, but my tummy has been bad lately and I’ve read that it’s good for that so thought I should give it a go! The juice was super quick and easy and was really refreshing :-) I’m fairly new to this healthy lifestyle and converting my boyfriend to it has been really challenging, but your recipes in your book have been great and he’s slowly making positive changes to his diet too! Thank you for being so fabulous! Livvy xxx

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Aww Livvy, that’s so nice to hear so glad you’re feeling better!! Sounds great with your boyfriend too!! xxxx

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