Smashed Peas on Toast with Crispy Parma Ham and Pesto


Smashed Peas on Toast with Crispy Parma Ham and Pesto


If you’re super hungry and stuck for time, my smashed peas on toast with crispy parma ham and pesto is perfect. It takes no time to whip up and is totally delicious. The crispy parma ham tastes amazing with the pesto covered peas and the slice of toast will fill you up in no time.

Serves 1 Ready in 10 minutes Good For


Place a pan on a medium heat and cook the Parma ham for a few minutes each side until it gets crispy then leave to the side.

Mash the peas with the pesto, a pinch of salt and spring onions and spread over the toast. Top with the Parma ham and enjoy.


  • Laura M White

    Do the peas need cooking/defrosting first or does the mashing/mixing/spreading on toast mean they defrost nicely anyway?

    Thank you


    • Madeleine Shaw

      They are more crushed that mashed, they will still be quite chunky, but if you wanted them a little less frozen then just run them under some warm water for a minute or two. xx

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