Roasted Veg, Slaw & Sriracha Mayo Tacos

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Roasted Veg, Slaw & Sriracha Mayo Tacos

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After an extremely busy weekend, this is the kind of meal that everyone needs to whip up – Roasted Veg, Slaw & Sriracha Mayo Tacos! Vegan, super simple and the leftovers can be used for tomorrows lunch. I’ve added some pumpkin seeds for a crunch but also because they’re high if fibre, magnesium and antioxidants to refuel your body. Enjoy.

Serves 2 Ready in 45 minutes


Place the cauliflower and squash on a roasting tray with the olive oil. Season and toast for 40 mins.

Mix the carrot, chilli, cabbage, pumpkin seeds with the lime and some salt.

When the roasted veg is done, mix with the other veg and fill the tortillas drizzle over the mayo with the piping bag and dig in.

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