Red rice and feta lunchbox


Red rice and feta lunchbox

Red rice and feta is a match made in heaven. The clever things about my red rice and feta lunch box is that you can make a big batch up at the beginning of the week and enjoy for a few days.

It’s the perfect minimal effort lunchbox salad, that delivers gorgeous flavours and satisfaction come lunch time.

Serves 2 Ready in 20 minutes Good For


Cook the red rice as per instructions. Remember to wash the rice before.

Heat the oil in a pan add the onion and a pinch of salt and cook for 10-12 minutes until caramelised.

Slice up the avocado and crumble the feta.

Mix the red rice with the avocado, feta, onion and  rocket.

Whisk the dressing together

Throw over the dressing and pop in a lunchbox.

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