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Raw Chocolate Brownie

This raw brownie recipe has the gooiest centre and you won’t believe how good it is for you.

Walnuts: This not so naughty number contains the highest amount of omega 3 fats of any other nuts. These omega 3’s help facilitate the movement of feel-good transmitters like dopamine and serotonin in and out of the cells and help to support memory and thinking as well. So you are guaranteed to have a smile on your face after a bite of these brownies.

Dates: These caramel beauties are used in a lot of my desserts, they bind the dessert together and have that rich sweet taste that complements so many desserts. Medjool dates are the best as they are very plump and mix well. Try and choose organic ones that haven’t been treated with pesticides, not only are they better for you but they have a much sweeter raw taste.

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Images by hollyclarkphotography 


In a blender, blend the walnuts until they are almost in a paste, then add the dates, Stevia and cacao.

Slowly add in the coconut oil as the mixture is blending. Once the mixture is totally blended together transfer it using a spatula into a cake tin or baking dish.

Place the mixture in the freezer for half an hour then refrigerate until it is needed to be eaten.

Toppings: Grate some 100% cacao on top, serve with fresh berries, yoghurt or cream.

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  • Joeldanna Knight

    Hi, is there anything I can replace the walnuts with? I can’t eat nuts :)

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Seeds :) x

  • kelly

    What brand stevia would you reccomend? Xx

  • Hayley

    This recipe looks delicious, but can you replace the stevia for another sweetener? Perhaps honey or maple syrup?

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Yes of course you can. Let me know how they taste x

  • lizzy

    Why do you use stevia?

    • Madeleine

      add a little sweetness x

  • Katie

    Can you heat them up? Or does that defeat the purpose?!

    • Madeleine

      there much better raw x

  • Funmi

    Made these this weekend! Absolutely incredible I love chocolate brownies (the unhealthy kind) but these are so much tastier so amazed by all the yummy recipes you have! Xx

  • Sarah H

    These look delicious! If i replaced walnuts with desiccated coconut would I use the same weight?

    • Madeleine

      yes x

  • grace

    finally made these brownies and they’re incredible!

    • Madeleine

      thanks sweetie x

  • Olivia

    Madeleine! I made these brownies today and I have to say I’m AMAZED! It was my first try baking vegan desert and I never thought it would tasted that good!!! How could I have never heard of or tried this before ?!?! haha
    I’ve recently discovered you on instagram and I’m so thankful I have!

    Thanks again for all the recipes and inspiration !

    Sending all my love from Switzerland,

  • Kerry

    What blender would you recommend for dates/nuts? I’ve busted mine in the past trying to blend dates but really want to try this!

    • Madeleine

      i always use my kenwood food processor

  • Connie Bennett

    Thanks for sharing!!

    This sounds yummy, but it doesn’t need stevia,

    The dates will make it very, very sweet, I think. In fact, I’m playing on creating a less-sweet recipe. (My taste buds have changed after being off sugar for so long!)

    Thanks again.


    • Madeleine

      haha true x

  • asia

    Hi. These look great..and almost guilt free. I love coconut oil..but Im often wary of its high sat fat content. Is it possible to use less than 50g? Or to replace it with anything else? Thank u x

    • Madeleine

      yes you could use less x

  • ellie

    when you say ‘raw cocoa’ do you mean ‘raw cacao?’?
    i have bought cacao and been looking for recipes i can use it in!


    • Madeleine

      yes, sorry typo x

  • Katie

    hi madeleine

    how much coconut sugar should i use if im replacing stevia x

    • Madeleine

      30g x

  • Rebecca

    Just about to make these :) how long can they keep for?

    • Madeleine

      2-3 weeks x

  • Jackie

    Oh my gosh! These bite size chunks of heaven totally rock!! This is the first time I’ve tried one of your recipes and I have a strong feeling it won’t be the last…….! Eating clean is the way forward. Thanks. xxx

  • Aveen Stweart

    My brownies didn’t set?? They were in the freezer for about an hour bur are still like a moose (which is delicious!) but I would like to have them as brownies. I didn’t put any stevia in, could that have caused it?

    • Madeleine

      no that wouldn’t have made it set, its the coconut oil that does this, how maybe pop it in the freezer next time x

  • Sally

    Hey, these look delicious! where can i but the coconut oil?
    For those looking for cocoa, Holland & Barrett do the raw cocoa and stevia i think x

    • Madeleine

      thats great x

  • Ally

    Just a quick question – which brand of Stevia do you use? I have been reading a lot about it and apparently brands like Truvia (which is what I have been using) are highly processed? Which is the best/least processed one would you say? xx

    • Madeleine

      sweet leaf, truvia isnt awful but sweetleaf is better x

  • bethany

    Where can I buy raw cocoa? I don’t live in London and am only near a few supermarkets. Do you know any food stores that sell it? Xx

    • Madeleine, x

  • zoe

    Could coconut sugar be used instead of stevia??

    • Madeleine

      yes x

  • Yasmin

    Hi Madeleine,
    Love your page! I was just wondering what brand of ‘raw coconut’ oil you would recommend and also where to buy it from?! I’ve had a look and can’t seem to find any and have noticed that its an ingredient in lots of your recipes. Thanks! :)

  • Rebecca

    Ooh I made these yesterday and they are delicious! I didn’t add stevia so they are quite rich, which is good – means I can’t eat them all at once! Has satisfied all of my chocolate cravings, too :) Sharing this recipe! Thank you xx

  • Ruth

    Do you melt the coconut oil first?

    • Madeleine

      no x

  • bethany

    these brownies look amazing. How many does this make?
    What is the nutritional value of a portion? X

    • Madeleine

      It depends what size you cut them around 15-20, i don’t do nutritional values of my meals x

  • Orla

    Can’t wait to try these, quick question, where can I purchase raw cocoa? And is stevia same as any sweeteners buy in shops


  • Ally

    Just made these – my whole family loved them! I absolutely love your website and recipes – my go to x

    • Madeleine

      amazing x

  • Nicola

    Have just devoured my first brownie. Heavenly. After giving up sugar, wheat and all processed foods these have satiated my chocolate craving. My bf who had scoffed at the idea of a sugar free brownie has just asked for seconds! He loved your brekkie bites too!

    • Madeleine

      i am so pleased x

  • Jessica

    I have just made these and they are delicious. I am trying to give up sugar so there will be perfect when I need a chocolate fix! How long will they keep in the fridge? X

    • Madeleine

      1-2 weeks x

  • Laura

    I tried to make these for my friend’s birthday and ended up in A&E afer a fight with the blender! Will be having another go soon as they look delish! x

  • Poppy Page

    Just made them, was so so easy… cant wait to taste them later! Could you possibly tell me the nutritional value of them, approx calories, sugar, fat content etc ? x

  • Alison

    Can’t wait to make these! They look delicious. Thanks Madeleine x

  • Sarah Kate

    These look super tasty and easy…and only 5 ingredients! Love that there are healthy replacements to all those highly processed and sugary desserts we all love. Can’t wait to try them out.

    • Madeleine

      amazing let me know how you go x

  • Kumba

    Just made these they are so delicious! Be making them again, easy to make as well x

    • Madeleine

      I am so please x

  • aideen

    these brownies look absolutely delicious but I’m allergic to nuts, so would you please be able to recommend a substitute I could use instead of walnuts?

    • Madeleine

      quinoa flour or desiccated coconut x

  • Lauren-Kate

    This looks delicious! Definitely need to try :)