Raw Apricot, Orange and Coconut Bites

raw apricot bites

Raw Apricot, Orange and Coconut Bites


These bites are fresh and very much a perfect treat post workout or 4pm snack.

They are free from nuts, which is great for those who want to go nut free.

I love the mix of orange and apricot to give this a fresh vibrant taste. Did you know… desiccated coconut may make us smarter?

The copper in desiccated coconut also maintains the health of your brain, it activates enzymes responsible for the production of neurotransmitters (these are chemicals your brain cells use to relay information).

Pretty amazing! So whilst you munch on these beauties you can feel great about what is going on up there too.

The healthy fat found in desiccated coconut also keeps you full and helps make your skin glow! 

Images by hollyclarkphotography 

Ready in 35 minutes Good For ,


  1. Zest the orange.
  2. Place the zest and all the rest of the ingredients into a food processor. Blend until everything is mixed together.
  3. Flatten out the mixture with a spatular into a small roasting tray, allowing the mix to be about 1cm high.
  4. Place in the freezer for 1/2 an hour.
  5. Use a sharp knife and cut the bars into 2cm by 4 cm rectangles.
  6. Place in the fridge and enjoy.

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  • Celine

    These little bites are so delicious, my friend was so in love with them I had to send her the link too! Thank you for the recipe! x

  • leesh

    From the photos they look like they’ve got nuts in…am I missing an ingredient from the list above or is it just the way the coconut etc turns out? haha x

    • http://www.madeleineshaw.com Madeleine

      no its just the coconut, no nuts there x

    • leesh

      thank you :) this is my first recipe of yours I’ve made and it was delicious! lovely snack in the afternoon x

  • Sarah

    These are delicious, I and my four year old daughter love them! Thanks for the recipe Madeleine!

    • http://www.madeleineshaw.com Madeleine

      my pleasure xxx

  • Julianne

    I haven’t done the math yet to determine the nutritional profile, but I am trying to create recipes for my Dad like the above, but being mindful that he is a pre diabetic. Portion control is everything. Different dietitians and even his certified diabetic educator has, what I think, recommended a high daily allotment of carbohydrate (60g per meal or 180 g/ day). I think more like 45/ meal. What they won’t tell me is how many sugar grams I should be counting each day derived from that total carbohydrate allotment. Amy thoughts? .

  • Amelia

    It s so simple but so delicious sweet. Thank you!

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