Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

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Blueberry muffins

Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

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You can’t go past a blueberry muffin. Soft, light, sweet and when you bite through a blueberry you know you’ve hit heaven. So I’ve created these gluten free blueberry muffins for you to enjoy with the whole family!

Buckwheat flour is gluten free and gives the muffins a gorgeous nutty taste. If you’re allergic to nuts, feel free to swap the almond milk for rice milk or coconut milk.

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Serves 12 Ready in 30 minutes


Preheat the oven to 180 C.

Mix the flour baking powder, cinnamon and vanilla pod together with a pinch of salt.

Blend the coconut oil and almond milk together in a food processor or smoothie maker. Pour into another bowl and stir through the maple syrup, lemon zest, juice, blueberries, dates and eggs, making sure to blend everything together really well.

Fold together the wet mix and dry mix before pouring into 12 muffin cases. Bake for 25 minutes until golden on the outside and cooked through.


  • Chhaya

    Hi, is Maple syrup a must in this recipe? is there somethign else i can use instead?

  • Kate

    Hey Madeline!! Thankyou so much for sharing your recipes I have your book and follow all your YouTube videos. I am going to look into the world of food blogging as I love creating healthy recipes.
    Hopefully see you soon.

    • Madeleine Shaw

      thanks for following gorgeous, good luck with your blogging xx

  • Tenzing Dhündup

    How long will they last in the fridge?

  • Neta Oved

    Hi Madeleine, I have a problem with this recepie. I made it just now following the directions exactly. The batch turned out really dense and thick, almost sand like consistency and it did not rise.
    Very disappointed! : ((

  • Nikita Manduca

    Hi Madeleine, i’ve just tried this recipe and for some reason they didn’t come out too great. they didn’t go much darker in colour although their fully cooked, their a bit on the pale yellow side which looks a bit odd and although they stick together, they have quite a crumbly taste.. i put baking powder so i don’t know why this happened.. any suggestions? i loved the touch of lemon zest and blueberries though, it definitely takes you away from the mess i made out of them 😛

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Hello lovely, I’m so sorry to hear that. That is weird, not sure why the muffins didn’t darken. Did you use all the ingredients? Which flour did you use? xx

    • Nikita Manduca

      I used brown rice flour. I think the colour is because of my grandma’s oven.. Its a bit odd.. However the texture crumbles a bit and they didnt rise Xx

    • Madeleine Shaw

      How strange, yes could be the oven as you used the baking powder!! Maybe have another go if you can in your oven and let me know how it goes!! xx

  • Kim

    Hi Madeleine, I’ve just made a batch of this (followed your recipe 100%) & although the taste is nutty & not too sweet (just as I prefer!) the consistency was quite heavy & dense, more like scones than muffins as they didn’t seem to rise very much. Is that normal??? Also, you must use really big muffin cups to only make 12; I made 25 (approx a tablespoon of mixture in each cup) out of the quantities stated!!!

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Hello lovely! You can thin it out by adding more almond milk and less flour if you prefer and the baking powder will give it the rise. I use pretty big muffin cups yes as I love them bigger! xx

  • Laura Powell

    Hi Madeleine. Do you have an easy way to work out the calorie content of your recipes? thanks.

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Hello gorgeous, I prefer to count goodness not calories so i don’t have the calorie content for my recipes!! I find it’s much more than calories in and calories out it’s about filling your beautiful body with so much goodness xxx

    • Laura Powell

      thanks Madeleine. I thought you might say that :-)

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Haha!! Hope you enjoy them!! xx

  • Kim

    Could I use coconut flour instead?

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Hey beautiful, coconut flour is more dense and doesn’t really make a good substitute but you could use grounds almonds, buckwheat flour or brown rice flour xx

  • Joselyn

    Thank you for this recipe, can’ t wait for your new book. You deserve all your success Madeleine.

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Thank you so much gorgeous xxxx

  • Riley

    These look amazing! Blueberry muffins are definitely one of my favorite treats! Would brown rice flour work in this recipe? I don’t have buckwheat flour right now. Thanks!

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Hello lovely, yes brown rice flour would work well xxxx

  • Hair wonderful day

    These look delicious – perfect for weekend breakfast! Madeleine, any suggestions what to use instead of eggs, I have allergy unfortunately :/ but I really want to try this and thought maybe Chia seeds should work? Thanks a lot!xx


    • Madeleine Shaw

      Hello gorgeous yes you can make chia or flax eggs, 1 tablespoon chia to 3 tablespoons of water then leave to thicken xx

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