Detox Beetroot and Kale Juice

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Detox Beetroot and Kale Juice

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Have you ever tried a purely vegetable based juice? Well, this one is a great place to start…

Despite not containing any fruits, this juice has a nice sweet taste thanks to the carrot and beetroot which provide earthy naturally sweet flavours. Beetroot is an acquired taste, but it is definitely worth learning to love! Packed with calcium, iron and vitamins A and C, beetroots are a great source of manganese, potassium and fibre- now, that is a superfood. Beetroots are most known for having healing properties on the liver, however they also have proven effects on lowering blood pressure and helping with digestive issues.

This is a fantastically refreshing drink and I love to make this in the morning- it leaves me with boundless amounts of energy. Plus, a bright pink juice is far more exciting than a green one!

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  •  Place everything through your juicer, stir and enjoy immediately.


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  • siobhan

    Hi, don’t currently have a juicer and loving veggie juices right now but would like to make them myself at home. What would you recommend? Nutribullets or NutriNinja seem to be all the rage at the moment as at least you dont have all that waste and you can get more nutrients. Any thoughts?

    • Madeleine Shaw

      I love my Nutribullet but I think they all do a similar job. If you want to make proper juice you can always squeeze the pulp through a muslin cloth x

    • siobhan

      Thanks Madeleine. Should I add ice/water so its not too clunky? PS Loving your recipes. Only got your book last week and love the quinoa bread. Already feeling the benefits of healthier food and cutting sugars. Looking forward to trying my hand at making courgetti this weekend with my little girl…

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Yes, and the ice will make it cold too x

  • Jodie

    Hey madeline. Is a smoothie maker ok for this or do you need a juicer? Thank you! x

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Ideally a juicer, but you could blend it then sieve the blended mixture through a muslin cloth to filter out the pulp x

  • Rebecca Phillips

    Hi. Couple of questions.
    Would it be okay to freeze the juices so if we are away for the weekend it would last to the next day?
    Beetroot – Is that raw beetroot not the salad beetroot.
    And would a juice every day be too many? Is one or two a week best?
    Really enjoying trying all of the recipes. Thankyou. xx

    • Madeleine Shaw

      I would recommend making the juice fresh so it is as nutritious as it can be but if it’s more convenient you could definitely try freezing it!

      Raw beetroot is best, and it’s definitely fine to have one juice a day! x

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