Courgette, Feta, Pea And Radish Sprout Toast

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courgette toast

Courgette, Feta, Pea And Radish Sprout Toast

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This is the perfect, quick fix breakfast to have post yoga and to share with Shay.

As much as I love avo on toast, I love mixing it up and keeping my meals exciting.

This green combination is definitely something I’m going to have more of!

Serves 1 Ready in 10 minutes Good For ,


First blend 100g of frozen peas with 3 tbsp of feta and 1 tbsp of olive oil. Spread over two pieces of toast.
Slice 1 courgette griddle in some olive oil and salt. Place on top with some fresh lemon juice, chilli, extra feta and radish sprouts. If you don’t eat cheese swap for chickpeas

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