Butternut Squash Cashew Carbonara


Butternut Squash Cashew Carbonara


This creamy vegan Butternut Squash Cashew Carbonara is the perfect cosy autumn meal. I’ve made mine with half butternut squash noodles and half spaghetti to up the veggie content in this delicious and simple dish. Carbonara is such a classic comfort food and this version really hits the spot.

Serves 1 Ready in 15 minutes


Fry the onion and garlic in 1 tbsp olive oil

julienne or spiralize half the squash into noodle shapes

cut the other half into inch cubes and boil alongside the spaghetti for around 8 minutes

drain the squash and spaghetti

add the cooked squash, onion, garlic, nutritional yeast, cashew butter and remaining tbsp of olive oil to a blender

in a large pan add the sauce to the squash noodles and cook for a few minutes, add in the spaghetti and serve

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