Beautiful Berry Smoothie

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Beautiful Berry Smoothie Cover

Beautiful Berry Smoothie

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I don’t know if you read my newsletter, if not..get involved. If you do read it, you’ll probably know I’m obsessed with whole Thai coconuts. It all began when I lived in Sydney and used to have to chop them open everyday at work. They make this Beautiful Berry Smoothie so creamy and fresh. If you can’t find a Thai coconut (located in Planet Organic, Wholefoods and Thai stores) then fear not you can replace the whole coconut with 300ml of coconut water from a carton and 2 tbsp of coconut cream from a can.

I did a survey the other month and got such great feedback from it. I really appreciate everyone who answered it, it means so so much to me. One of the most requested recipes was a Beautiful Berry Smoothie, so here you are…

p.s always let me know what recipes you want to see in the comments below, I’ll make your dreams come true!

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Serves 1 Ready in 5 minutes Good For ,


Crack open your coconut and pour the water into your blender, then scrape out the flesh. I use a cleaver knife to whack it open but there are also more sensible (and safe) methods and tools to get it open.

Place the flesh, honey (if using), cinnamon, ginger and almost all of the berries (reserving a few for decoration) blend until smooth then top with the desiccated coconut and leftover berries.

This will keep on the fridge for a day or so. It’s kinda fun it turns into a jelly ☺ but best to drink it fresh.

Enjoy this Instagramable delight.

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