Protecting Your Skin This Summer

Protecting Your Skin This Summer

Protecting Your Skin This Summer is so important to make the most of the sunny weather safely. Summer is definitely my favourite season, I love being outdoors, having picnics with my family, going for swims it’s just the best but I’m always super vigilant about protecting mine and my family’s skin from UV rays.

As the ozone layer continues to deplete skin cancer is on the rise which makes it even more important to protect your skin. The sun can be amazing for us, and vitamin D is so important but once you have you requirement of vitamin D you won’t absorb anymore as a result of continued exposure.

For most people, being outside for around 10-30 minutes a couple of times a week is plenty although this depends on individual requirements. Vitamin D can also be supplemented in the diet with vitamin D rich foods such as fish, dairy, eggs or fortified cereals. A top tip is to leave mushrooms in the sunlight for an hour or so, the mushrooms which naturally contain very little vitamin D have been found to contain up to 100x more vitamin D in response to the sunlight. This simple trick can make it super easy to supplement your diet so that you can minimise sun exposure without worrying about missing out on vitamin D.

I’m not suggesting you should spend the entire summer indoors eating sun-kissed mushrooms but here are my top tips for enjoying the sun mindfully.

1. Choose a Suncream You Can Incorporate Into Your Skincare Routine

I love this one from Helio 360 as it is so light it feels like I’m just applying my moisturiser but gives really good sun protection. It also works really well under makeup which means I use it daily, even in the winter as it fits so seamlessly into my everyday skincare and makeup routine.

2. Go For A Mineral Suncream

There are two types of suncream formulations: chemical and mineral. Mineral suncreams work by using natural minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which sit on top of your skin and protect it by reflecting away UV rays. Chemical formulas, as you may have guessed use chemicals which may be harmful for you, your baby and the environment.

2. Cover Up

I love this hat from Marri London to protect my face from the sun. It not only looks chic but it also helps protect my face from sunlight and premature ageing

3. Use Sunglasses

Sunglasses with UV protection are really important for protecting your eyes. Although they may be cheaper,  sunglasses which do not filter UV may actually be worse than wearing no sunglasses as they cause the pupil to dilate, increasing retinal UV exposure. To be safe, I always choose sunglasses from reputable brands like there from Oliver Peoples.

4. Avoid The Sun During Peak Times

between the hours of 10 until 3 the sun is at its strongest and potentially most harmful, it’s best to take this time to be in the shade. If you’re on holiday this is a great time to play a game or go for lunch but not the time to be sunbathing

5. Make Sure Your Suncream Is In Date

Living in the UK where our hot days are few and far between I’ve certainly been guilty of using the same bottle of suncream for years without checking the expiry date. When suncream is past it’s expiry date it’s likely the formula is ineffective and will not provide the required protection

6. Get Your Moles Checked

It’s always wise to stay in tune with yourself and make a note of your moles and if they change at all. The things to look out for are listed here of course seek the advice of a medical professional if you notice anything unusual.





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