Bump and Glory Pregnancy Omega 3 Capsules


Madeleine's Review

Madeleine's Review

This is a supplement I have been taking throughout my pregnancy, but is also great if you are trying to conceive. It’s super important to make sure you’re getting the right amount of vitamins during your pregnancy for both yourself and your baby. I like to take these at the end of the day if I feel like I haven’t had enough fish, nuts or seeds during the day. The packaging is also super cute so that’s a bonus!


Bump & Glory is perfect for before, during and after pregnancy. Pure goodness for you and your baby. Specially formulated each capsules with the ideal balance of Omega 3s for healthy mums and growing babies, with 560mg DHA – the same amount you’d get from eating a large tin of sardines. Strange cravings aside, not many women want to do that every day for nine months.


Product Details

Just one capsule a day contains 560mg of dha. One pack contains 60 capsules which will last 2 months

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