Natural Beauty On The High Street

Natural Beauty On The High Street

As you know I love beauty products, especially natural beauty. However natural beauty can often be hard on the bank balance, so I thought I would put together some amazing natural beauty products that don’t cost a fortune and can be found on the high street.

So let’s get into it..

1.     Origins Charcoal Infused Facial Sponge 

I’m a little bit obsessed with this sponge right now, it gives the deepest cleanse. After travelling on the tube every day my skin needs a good wash down and this sponge helps get into those tight spots.


2.     Sukin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub 

If your skin needs a bit of a refresh then this is the perfect scrub. It’s nice and gentle on the skin and super detoxing thanks to the charcoal. It does make a bit of a mess but leaves you with fresh gorgeous skin.


3.     Lucy Bee Coconut Oil

Coconut is the ultimate body moisturiser and also doubles up as a hair mask too. Smooth a few tbsp. into your hair and comb through. Leave it for an hour or overnight then wash it out and feel how soft and shiny your hair is.


4.     Jason Chamomile Body Wash 

If you find it hard to sleep, this body wash will help you drift into a sweet slumber. Have a lovely warm shower or bath before bed and the soothing chamomile will make you feel relaxed and ready to hit the hay.


5.     Origins Blemish Remover 

This blemish remover is amazing!  Got a spot? It will be banished before you know it with this little guy.


What are you favourite high street natural beauty products? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know!


  • Alicia Johnston

    I have been slowly changing everything in my skincare routine to natural products and am loving the Sukin range too. Being an Aussie their products are super affordable here and honestly work so well. I have a teensy crush on their charcoal masque which is a highlight of my Friday night (maybe a hobby is in order haha) and perfect for any oily skinned ladies like me xx

  • Hair wonderful day

    Love every single item on this list! Literally when I saw you face on Origins I rushed in and got some goodies and never looked back – love that brand and all the products! xx

  • Petra / Be Healthy Now

    I didn’t realise Boots stock Sukin, that scrub seems perfect for my skin, I will definitely check it out!

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