My Top Tricks to Beat Insomnia

My Top Tricks to Beat Insomnia

It doesn’t matter how much nutritional knowledge you possess, or how active a gym bunny you are, if you aren’t getting enough sleep – your health will suffer.

Last week I revealed my top tips for fighting fatigue – one of which was getting more sleep. Since then, I have been asked by a few people just how I ensure I get in my 8 hours each night. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s a struggle to drift into a peacefully slumber, no matter how hard we try!

Here are my top tricks for getting the most out of my shut eye, I hope they work for you!

Tip 1: Sip on my stirr and purr sleep tonic


During the day, place into a juicer and enjoy:

1 green apple, peeled and cored

7 strawberries, hulled

15 cherries, stones removed

2 sticks celery

1/2 cucumber

Sour cherries help produce the natural sleep hormone melatonin. Mixed with the above ingredients, this combo creates a deliciously sweet beverage that tastes great and helps you sleep peacefully.

Tip 2: Don’t eat after 8:30pm, and get in to bed at 10pm


If you can, try and eat your dinner before 8pm. Eating a large meal before bed can inhibit sleep by halting the production of serotonin, which is a calming neurotransmitter that enables relaxation and productive sleep. When it comes to dinner – try and eat early, and light.

Tip 3: Wind down and de-stress before bed


We’ve all gone to bed anxious and worried, with a million things racing around our heads. My answer? Start belly breathing! This simple trick has changed my world. When I struggle to snooze, I simply place my hands on my belly, close my eyes and start to breathe deeply. Counting 4 slow counts on the inhale, and 6 on the exhale. The deeper exhale helps the body unwind and relax, getting you to sleep – fast. Repeat this over and over until you feel calm and sleepy. It really works!

Tip 4: Make your room dark and cold with cosy bedding


Probably the oldest trick in the book. I know it’s obvious to say – but the more cosy and comfortable you are, the more likely you are to sleep well. Draw the curtains, turn off the lights, and switch on your fan or air conditioner, and no phones or laptops! Not only is the temptation there to check messages and Instagram, but the light and 3G from your phone interfere with your sleeping pattern. If you need to set an alarm, get a clock. There are some great ones that wake you up gradually with light, like a simulated sunrise!

Tip 5: Have a small chamomile tea before bed

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Chamomile tea is often used as a natural remedy for insomnia! A flowering plant from the daisy family, chamomile holds a series of anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties. Tea bags can be found at most health food stores, or even your typical grocery store. For best results drink a cup of tea around half an our before bed time!

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