My TOP TIPS for Fussy Eaters – Motherhood Mondays (4)

My TOP TIPS for Fussy Eaters – Motherhood Mondays (4)

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Last week I shared my weaning essentials that I couldn’t live without during the weaning period, this week I wanted to follow on from that and share my top tips for weaning, especially when a fussy eater is involved. I remember when Shay went through a stage of fussy eating – it felt like it went on forever and it took me a while to figure out how to deal with it. It was a tough time for sure. But I read a few books and experimented with ideas and I found simple ways to manage this fussy eating period:


Be persistent

If your little ones rejects cauliflower one time don’t think they don’t like it, simply try it again in a few days. Like us adults, their taste buds become acquired to different tastes overtime so try not to rule things out too quickly.


Try to be more relaxed

Try not to hover over your child, forcing mouthfuls in. Instead sit next to your child or walk away while they eat so he feels like he’s in control and it’s on their terms.


Have some tools and do some reading

Having a few helpful tools like these fun plates, and silicone spoons from Kidly will be a big help when your child is in a fussy eating stage. Their article here on fussy eating, will show you exactly how you can manage this stage. 

Also, lots of reading helped me, I loved these books: Feeding The Future, River Cottage baby and toddler cookbook, The Good Stuff, The 5 Love Languages for Children.  Plus, I also work closely with Babease and child nutritionist Charlotte Sterling-Reed who are amazingly helpful for the latest on feeding kids. 


In fact, myself and Babease have some really exciting things coming up together, like this Friday (1st March) where we’ll be chatting you at The Baby Show all about feeding your kids. What I love about Babease is how they are all about making things with ease. Their incredible food pouches are the next best thing to homemade food and genuinely are truly nutritional and high quality products. These have been a huge helping hand for me too.


Don’t make an alternative

If your little one rejects dinner don’t make another meal this feeds the fussy ness. Your little ones nutrition doesn’t come from one meal, so look at the full day or full week and wait for the the next meal to feed her! (I’m not saying it’s easy, but having this positive mindset will be a huge helping hand)


Fussyness is normal

All babies and kids have fussy stages. It might be teeth, growing, tiredness that affects appetite so don’t worry like all of these phases it will pass. As always try not to compare your situation to other parents and you’ll actually find opening up to other mums about it will be super helpful.


Be a great role model

Eat with your kids, let them see you eat veggies and they will most likely follow you. The same for if your feeling stressed or may have some negative connotations towards food, your kid will feel this and again follow. Try your best to be a good role model to your kid, just as I’m sure you are!


I hope these tips were helpful. These are certainly not tips that I followed straight away. They have been actionable steps that I have learnt over time from books, from other mums and through experience. I have most definitely felt slightly helpless, but these tips have helped me to feel much more in control.


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