My Top 3 Pre-workout Energy Boosters To Get You Jumping Out Of Bed

My Top 3 Pre-workout Energy Boosters To Get You Jumping Out Of Bed

I don’t know about you but I need something to eat before I work out. If I’m just going on a walk or light yoga I’m ok, however if I’m doing anything cardio or weights I’ve gotta eat.

Obviously, you don’t want anything heavy. The key is eating something easily digestible, something that’s going to go down and stay down.

I’m super excited to share with you my top 3 pre-workout energy boosters so you can feel powered up and ready for your workout:

1.     Coffee – Yes coffee!

It’s an amazing pre-workout, it obviously wakes you up thanks to the caffeine but it also helps increase your metabolism, making your workout count for more. It has also been shown to increase performance, focus and decrease muscle pain. Pretty awesome hey, I’ll have a double espresso please.

2.     Date and almond butter

Dates are great pre-workout as they digest easily giving you a quick fix of energy, and the nut butter helps it release slower so you don’t crash half way through your session. They are super easy to make just pop a tbsp. of nut butter inside a date and you’re ready to go! If you don’t have any dates to hand, why not grill some bananas and munch them with nut butter.

3.     Protein Shake

Tried, tested and always a winner. I love Neat Nutrition and Sun warrior, they are naturally sweetened so you don’t need to add anything in but they aren’t full of rubbish like many other brands. I just add a scoop to 250ml of almond milk or water and drink it before I head out the door.

What gets you pumped up pre-workout? Leave a comment below…


  • Tasha Sullivan

    Hi Madeleine, which flavour of sun warrior do you recommend? I’m keen to try a protein powder but am put off the typical whey proteins as these all seem to contain ingredients I don’t understand on the same note, I have heard some vegan ones are much higher in carbs? please help! xx

  • Gustavo Woltmann

    My day start with the taste of coffee! I can’t lived without coffee, almond butter is one of my favorite but I don’t have any stock right now, I’m so glad this blog reminds me that. What about protein shake? Hmm, I never tried that before but I will now, as you said this is a winner so I think there’s no problem if I tried this one.

  • Naomi Hnat

    Thanks for this post 😀 Lately my husband and I have been eating half a banana each beforehand our early morning gym sessions, and it’s been perfect. One whole banana can sometimes be too much when it’s too early in the morning! I might try some with nut butter next time 😀

    • Madeleine Shaw

      I love nut butters so so much! ☺

  • Hair wonderful day

    Ah coffee absolutely yes! Or I love frozen berries in almond butter… I think I have serious addictions for almond butter but it is just so good! xx

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