My Integrated Institute of Nutrition Review

My Integrated Institute of Nutrition Review


I often get asked about my experience of IIN so I thought I would share with you my integrated institute of nutrition review. For those who don’t know, IIN is an online nutrition school based in the states, helping people to become health coaches.

I first came across the course when I was living in Australia as a girlfriend of mine had studied there and raved about it. So I decided to apply to the course in 2012. The course takes a year and is completely online. The thing I love about the course is that it doesn’t preach a particular nutrition philosophy, it is open to all schools of thought from paleo to macrobiotic.

Positive points about the course:

It’s a very enjoyable experience all of the lecturers and speakers are very inspiring.
It takes 9 hours per week so is great if you have a full-time job or lead a busy lifestyle.
It tells you how to market yourself so that you are able to set up your own business.


As it’s only 1 year it isn’t full in depth.
You aren’t technically a qualified nutritionist after you complete the course.
Would I recommend it to people?
Yes I would, it’s great for anyone who wants to learn more about nutrition, become a nutritional health coach or set up their own business.

How long does it take?

1 year and is completely online.

“What kind of career can I hope for from the course?”

I’ve seen graduates from the course go on to set up their own raw chocolate company, personal training and food coaching as well as health journalism, and of course a successful health coaching practice. So there really is a wide variety of paths you can follow after the course.

For me, it was amazing and launched me into the career I have now. I’m currently studying a 3 year nutrition course at CNM which will allow me to work with clients on a deeper level. I’ll be able able to take blood tests and stool samples allowing me to really understand what is going on with my client’s body.

“Is the course right for me?”

Do you want to learn more about nutrition and have 9 hours to give towards the course? Are you motivated enough to study online? If the answer is yes to these questions then I would say it is definitely right for you.
I always trust my gut feeling, and if it feels right I would always say to go for it!

Find out more on their website. Just to be warned, if you give your email away to them they will email will email you non-stop. Don’t be put off by their friendly, yet persistent manner. The course is really awesome and totally worth it!

Have you studied at IIN? If so what were your experiences like? Please share below…


  • Catherine

    Hi Madeleine, I’ve become really in to nutrition over the last couple of years and absolutely love your cookery books!! :-) I just wondered which course you are doing with CNM? Would you recommend it over a nutritional therapy course? Any advice you have on the best pathway to follow would be amazing! Thank you xx

  • Olivia S

    Hi madeleine, what do you think of the CNM course- any info or details would be amazing as I am thinking about studying there! Are you studying naturopathic nutrition? Xx

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Hello lovely, I love the course. It’s really informative and you get lots of info so definitely worth checking out. It allows you to work with clients on a deeper level which is great so I will be able to do blood tests and stool samples. I hope that helps xx

  • Lottie Murphy

    I am coming to the end of my year with IIN. Really agree with all your points. I am enjoying it but feel a little overwhelmed with all the information weekly and I feel I’ll need time after the course to really go back over some stuff and take it all in. It’s been a great year and I’ve learnt loads about my own health too. I would also be interested in doing the 3 year CNM course in the future some time so let us know how you get on with that too! xx Lottie

    • Madeleine Shaw

      I agree, such a great course for an introduction into nutrition. I’m only in my first year of CNM so you’ll have to wait a bit longer for that write up haha. Hope you’re well gorgeous xx

    • Josh Finlay

      How are you progressing with CNM Madeleine? I’ve heard some less than stellar reviews.

  • Cassie

    Interesting review!

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Thanks! x

  • Lizzie King

    Yes. I studied there (here) in 2012 too in between my 2nd and 3rd babies. It was a perfect combo of information and enthusiasm but I felt the marketing yourself side was a little too emphatic for me. I’m from London too and have since set up my healthy kids food business Vitalove. It’s going really well and IIN definitely was a great grounding in nutrition for me.

    Thanks for your story.

    Take care


    • Leigh Farthing

      Hi, i was wondering if you could give me an idea on the cost of the course please?

      Thanks in advance! :)

    • Lizzie King

      I can’t remember exactly. I got it at a discount point, they do them a couple of times a year. So I think it was about £1,500? Do ask if you have specific questions cos it’s a big decision I know. X

    • Andrea Petersen

      Hi Lizzie! Hope your receive this and are well as I can see your comment is rather old now. Congrats on starting up Vitalove! I am seriously considering enrolling on the IIN course but am concerned about the level of mixed reviews… I am deeply interested in 1) nutrition and 2) helping people – would you recommend the course so as to start up a business in doing these two things? I’d be super grateful for your honest opinion! Thanks so much, Andrea x

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Thanks for sharing your story, I’m glad everything is going really well. I agree, it’s a great grounding and intro to nutrition x

  • Elise Holland

    Hi Madeleine, thank you for this post! The IIN course is actually something I’ve been curious about lately as well. Like Paula (who commented below me) I’m also curious about the cost of the course.

    • Madeleine Shaw

      Hi Elise, as below sadly I’m not sure about the cost, because I did it so long ago but if you inquire with them, I’m sure they’ll let you know x

  • Paula

    Hi Madeleine, I am also going to start a Nutrition course at CNM in September which I am very excited about it. However, I’ve been wondering about also doing the IIN online course as it is only 1 year and will, hopefully, help me get started with a health coach business. From your experience, do you think there will be too many subjects overlapping between the two courses? Is it expensive?

    • Ksenija

      Hi Paula, quick question about CNM – I am looking to start a nutrition course and have been considering CNM or BCNH, have you looked at the latter? I am attending their Open Day this Saturday so will make a decision following that. I was considering the IIN but after having read quite a few negative reviews online turned to these two instead. Good luck with your studies at CNM!

    • Paula

      Hi Ksenija, I didn’t know about BCNH but checked their website and their Nutrition courses seem to be full on! At CNM, the course lasts for 3 years including clinical hours, so a little quicker than the ones at BCNH. I have a good felling about CNM and really like their friendly and professional approach. I have already access to the first year’s lessons and the content is packed with information. I currently work as a graphic designer, so nutrition is something completely foreign to me! Fingers crossed I will survive the course… Good luck with your search for a course!

    • Madeleine Shaw

      There won’t be too many subjects over lapping, and I would do the IIN course if you want to start health coaching earlier than when you finish at CNM. Sadly I’m not sure about the cost, because I did it so long ago but if you inquire will them, I’m sure they’ll let you know x

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