My Experience with PCOS

My Experience with PCOS


A few months ago I posted a blog on PCOS giving some tips to help alleviate symptoms and people seemed to really connect with it. It seems to be something that is on the rise.
A lot of people have asked to hear about my experience of it, so today I would like to share my story with you.
I have had issues with my period for years. I never had a regular cycle and went on the pill aged 16. When I was 21 I came off it as I was getting into healthy eating and it didn’t feel right to be putting these chemicals into my body.

“I expected to come off and get my periods back the following week, but they didn’t come. It took over a year for me to have my period. It was really awful I was scared and that little voice in my head kept saying “what if I can’t have kids””

I started to look into ways of helping restart my cycle. I met doctors, naturopaths and a healer. One of the most interesting things I cam across was that the healer says my energy was very masculine. This is never a comment you want to hear as a female without a period. However, she was right, I was masculine, I didn’t have a moustache but I was quite tough with myself, overly driven, rushing and busy. Of course we all have masculine and feminine energy but I was swinging the other side.

“I started to be more gentle with myself, nurturing myself, choosing dance over the gym and expressing myself creatively.”

I got my periods back but they weren’t regular. I went to get a proper scan and they said I had slight Polycystic ovaries. After a Google search I was filled with horror over the hairy bear I was going to turn into.
However, I have seemed to manage and alleviate it with acupuncture with Emma Cannon, meditation, eating well, cutting out sugar.

“One of the biggest thing of PCOS suffers is that sugar effects us more, so we need to be cautious with this, swap white refined sugar for more natural alternative like dates or honey but don’t go mad on them.”

I hope you enjoyed my story and if you have PCOS, I hope it makes you feel less alone. It is something you can live with and get through!
If you have any tips please leave a comment below…

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