Love Your Life, Not Hers

Love Your Life, Not Hers

We live in an age where we interact more with our phones than our boyfriends. Now don’t get me wrong I love social media but since the rise of it I’ve seen anxiety and jealousy sky rocket.

We lust after others clothes, cars, lives…reminding ourselves that ours is not good enough. I feel like we need to put a stop to this. Instead start to love your life, not hers.

So how can you do it?

I want to remind you that media is what people want you to perceive. It’s an edit, no one puts up photos of them doing laundry. Infact, when I am enjoying a moment so much I often don’t post it, then before I know I’ve finished my food before I could take a picture. When you are truly loving something often you don’t need to share it, it can just be for you.

I’ve met many people in my life and I believe that true happiness comes from loving yourself and we have to spend time on this relationship. Gratitude is something that has really helped me and focusing on everything good in my life rather than bad. Every morning in the shower I’ll list off everything I’m grateful for. Try and focus on all the light in your life.

Don’t compare, congratulate. If you see someone’s new Chanel bag on insta instead of looking down at yours wishing you had it, feel happy for that person. They have probably worked their arses off to get there.

The internet is something we can get lost in, spending all night scrolling. Instead spend your time on things that light you up, if you love art why not do a life drawing class or take up pottery. Fill your life up with love and you will fall back in love with it!

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