The Break Down on Bounce Bars


I dont like being a negative person or lashing out at brands but I get many enquiries about what is a good snack to have. Bounce bars are all the rage, these balls are the perfect bite size treat. They are sold at most gyms and health food stores. I must admit…they are delicious! However they aren’t as healthy as they seem…..

The main one to watch out for is the: coconut and macadamia one:

So lets look at its ingredients:

Ingredients: Agave Syrup, Cashews, Inulin (dietary fibre), Whey Protein Isolate (from Milk), Coconut (8%), Whey Protein Concentrate (from Milk), Rice Bran, Brown Rice, Macadamias (6%), Stabiliser (Guar Gum), Tapioca Starch, Natural Flavouring, Whey Protein Hydrolysate (from Milk), Safflower Oil, Vanilla, Sea Salt, Natural Antioxidant (E306), Stabiliser (Calcium Carbonate), Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin).

So the main issue is that the first ingredient is agave. Agave was the new healthy sugar but as people are coming to realise it actually does more harm than good. I wrote an article on the negative effects of agave here. The fact that agave is the first ingredient also means that it contains a lot of it.

Bounce bars advertise that they are high in fructose. However fructose is not absorbed like other sugars.  It does not go directly into the bloodstream, instead it goes to the liver where it is converted to  triglycerides and fat.  The advertisement of “Low glycemic” makes it sound safe but it isn’t.

Safflower oil also can be detrimental to ones health as vegetable oils are usually highly processed. The oil is derived from the “bastard saffron” it is about 75% Omega-6 PUFAs (the ones we don’t need any more of) with not a speck of Omega-3 (the ones we need more of).

My opinion is to refrain from this flavour ball! If you have to choose one stay clear of the ones with peanuts, agave, safflower oil and raisins.

I’d rather grab a banana or make your my snack at home. I have recipes of raw bliss balls here and here. Make a batch on sunday for the week!

What other snacks need the de bunking? 

Leave a comment below….

About the author:

Madeleine is a qualified nutritional health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, creative chef, vociferous blogger, fledgling presenter and self-professed yoga enthusiast. She is committed to helping her clients enliven the hottest, healthiest, happiest versions of themselves. Through her website and consultations, Madeleine helps reeducate her clients in the appreciation and effects of eating wholesome, organic produce. She helps them to work towards better relationships with their bodies, boosts confidence, injects energy and sculpts beautiful silhouettes. She has a particular interest in the growing rate of IBS, and is working towards ways of eliminating it in daily life. Madeleine’s recent clients are Millie Mackintosh (t.v star and model), Caggie Dunlop (t.v personality and celebrated music artist), and not forgetting the fantastic Rocky Elsom (Australian rugby hero!). Follow her on Twitter / Facebook.

19 comments on “The Break Down on Bounce Bars

  1. I love that you did a post that outlines the truth behind something we consider “healthy”, especially with things changing so often due to scientific research and various studies and what not. I loved how you went through the ingredients and outlined which ones were harmful or negative to our bodies and why. I’ve been a huge fan of agave since I read Skinny Bitch years ago, but recently I’ve been using honey instead because I read some great things about it somewhere, so it’s good to know that I made a good decision. Thank you for the review, I loved it. I’m addicted to Luna bars, and I have been since high school. I eat one maybe once a week, but still, it would be helpful/beneficial to know if those are just bad as candy bar or actually decent for me. Thanks!

  2. Hi Maddy,great article, i have ummed and ahhed about these for a while.
    Might be a stupid question but is Fructose the sugar found in fruit? If it goes straight to the liver, should we be cutting down on the amount of fruit we consume?

    Many thanks!

    • yes it is,
      yes i think that we shouldn’t be gorging on fruit, just having a small amount maybe 1-2 pieces a day max, and mainly low sugar fruits: berries, apples, citrus fruit xx

  3. I agree Madeleine, good post. Stick to a banana for a post workout natural snacyk like you sa. I wrote a post similar on Nakd bars the other week because it was just these types of ‘healthy snacks’ that I used to be the most addicted to! They are more like a real treat for me now. These have also got quite a long list of ingredients which always puts me off things a bit too xx

  4. Im so glad you did this write up because I have seen these in whole foods and considered trying them. Now I will stick to my nakd bars instead :-)

  5. What do you think of Innocent smoothies? I find them really convenient to have in work but are they not so good? I don’t really have them in the summertime as the fruit is so delicious but in winter I like to have a berry fix x

  6. This is really interesting! So many of us are eating the wrong foods due to poor advertising. What do you make of the Eat Natural Bars? Are these good for us? x

  7. Hi Maddie, great article thanks. I’ve not actually seen these around! But they look like a great size for snacking between meals. I’ve tried Nakd bars which are okay!,But seen these new health bars called 9bar, have you tried them? As some of the bars are vegan friendly, dairy free, wheat free, gluten free. They have lots of different flavours as I often get a bit bored of the same routine, I feel I will constantly need a new flavour to keep it exciting for me.

  8. Hi Madeleine,

    Loved reading this because I’d seen a few things about these new “healthy” bits and did wonder if they were actually good for you.

    I have been an avid fan of Nakd bars and wondered if they were actually good for you, have you heard of these bars as well and do you have much of an opinion on them?

    Love all of your recipes and looking forward to seeing what you think of Nakd products.


  9. All the girls at my work live on these things as there is a real craze around ‘clean eating’ at the moment, so when I saw them in the stores I thought I’d take a wee peek at the ingredients. It suprised me seeing as my friends -’clean eaters’ swear by them. In fact they are everything BUT clean… just another intelligent marketing gimmick! They are super yummy, but not at all the healthy thing they claim. Which is sad. Cool that you have brought this up on your site, it is also on my list of things to look into for mine :-)

    • Here in New Zealand (and Ihave seen them in a few health stores in Australia) we have a great organic brand called Ceres. They have just started doing a ‘RAW’ bar in a range of flavours made up of pretty much just dates, nuts and seeds. Way healthier option of a naughty snack that you can buy.

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