I’m on Snapchat – come follow me!

Come follow me on Snapchat! Username: Madeleine_Shaw

I’ve recently really got into Snapchat! I started sharing a few snaps last year, and enjoyed showing you things like how to make the perfect scrambled eggs! I’ve really got into the swing of it and I’m loving sharing lots of my daily life with you, and showing you what I get up to day-to-day!

I’ll be snapping from my events, what I’m up to in the day, health tips, and of course lots and lots of food!

“Why should I follow you?”

Great question – well, you’ll be in the know before anyone else;  you’ll be first to hear about new posts on my website, exciting new projects I’m working on and lots of fun events you can get involved with! Follow me for a backstage pass into my life!

I hope you’ll like seeing what I get up to, so make sure you add me to follow my story!

Snapchat username: madeleine_shaw

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