How Useful Are Your Supplements?

I often get asked about what supplements I take and for my stand point on them…

One of the big problems with supplements is that often we are not  absorbing them properly. This may be due to poor digestion or the poor quality of your chosen supplements.


One key thing to watch out for it the quality. Look for the chelated form especially when you are buying minerals like zinc, magnesium and iron. What chelated means is that the minerals are attached to an amino acids which means its gets into your system easily. Which is what were aiming for.

Watch your pee

Sorry to be crude, but if your pee is bright yellow then your vitamins are just going in and out… or you are overdoing them.

Get activated

When it comes to B vitamins, activated forms are best so if you take B12 get one that says activated or  one which contains methyl. This just means that it will get into your beautiful body more easily.

Don’t take them all in one go

Our body can only absorb a certain amount at one time, so don’t drown yourself- stagger your vitamins throughout the day.

Try and get your hit through food

Yes, supplements are good but instead of having 10 fish oil tablets, try and eat some salmon or sardines to up your omega 3s.

Take your pills correctly

Don’t take your supplements with tea of coffee as it hinders the absorption, take it with lemon and water this helps it get in ya.

Hope this article helped uncover some mysteries around your pill popping!


  • Rebecca Unwin

    Hi! I know the comments are quite old, so hopefully this post will be seen!!!

    I take 6 or 7 vits and suppliments daily and some days my pee goes super yellow straight away and other days it’s normal. I’m wondering if anyone can help me or reccommended if I should stagger my vits etc…
    Perfect women 7 seas (two pills)
    Vit d
    Turmeric and
    L lysin


  • Bianca Ranson

    Hi Madeline, Some great tips thank you :-) I’ve been purchasing from a couple of brands which i believed to be of high quality but none of them say they are “activated” or “chelated form” . Are you able to let me know which brands you use personally so i can check them out and make an informed decision as to whether they would be correct for me as well. Any help is appreciated, there are so many brands out there this would be a good place to start at least. xoxo

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