How to Survive the Silly Season: the Clean Drinking Bible

So silly season is almost here… and that means parties and a whole lot of drinking.

Drinking is a funny one, in fact the main question that people always ask me is “do you drink?”

My answer is I do… but not much. I’m not a big drinker for a few reasons:

  1. I am quite a confident person so I don’t feel I need it.
  2. I am terrible on a hangover
  3. I love feeling healthy
  4. I frankly don’t really love the taste….

Oh and of course it isn’t very good for you!

However, I still do indulge sometimes, the best way to survive this silly season is to drink clean. What I mean by that is to drink the right drinks.

Most of the time we don’t just wake up with a a hangover but a sugar hangover– that head thumping doubles when you add cocktails into the mix.


So here is a little guide to the best and worst drinks out there!



Vodka, (fresh) lime soda –Clean, hydrating and easy to drink. Always get fresh lime not lime cordial (full of sugar). Go for gluten free vodkas that have been fermented through potatoes not wheat for those who avoid gluten.

Red Wine –So beautiful and far less sugary than other drinks and as well known, red wine contains a little amount of antioxidants… only a little so maybe sure you have some blueberries too.

Tequila – If you are going to have a shot this is the cleanest around, salt and lime with it too!


The Middle Ground:

This section is for drinks that aren’t in the list below but I can’t preach that they are great for you either.  White wine, beer, cider and champagne fall in this category. Try and go for organic ones (less toxins) and for beer going gluten free is good too.


The Worst Offenders:

Most “Girly’ Cocktails – Yes, those very sweet cocktails are full of sugar, loaded in fact. Sometimes it is hidden as some form of fruit syrup… don’t be fooled, it’s still sugar. Avoid all cocktails unless its something like a vodka martini that’s straight up, this of course is much cleaner but frankly for a strong drinker.

Gin and Tonic- The worst news EVER. Yes tonic water is very sugary.. even if it’s slim line. Now it doesn’t mean you will never have it again, just don’t spend your night on it. Switch to soda after one.

Others: Anything mixed with coca cola, diet coke or any other fizzy drink.


I am obviously not encouraging drinking at all…but lets be realistic it is part of most of our lives. So drink clean and enjoy your summer, you deserve it!

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