How To Re-Energise After A Long Night – Motherhood Mondays (7)

How To Re-Energise After A Long Night – Motherhood Mondays (7)

Hey there!


With lots going on these past couple of months; a trip to Brighton, 2 weeks in South Africa and a trip to the Isle of Wight. As he’s been sleeping in a few different places we’ve had a few sleepless nights recently.

On this note, I wanted to share how I like to try and re-energise after a long night – remember what works for one mumma, may not work for another, but hopefully you can get an idea and adjust my tips to suit you!

Here goes…

Start with water!

Try and drink 500ml minimum in the morning, especially before you drink anything caffeinated. We never realise actually how dehydrated we are in the mornings, and end up dismissing it for hunger, so be sure to drink lots of water to kick start your day.


Get out into the light

Step outside if the sun has risen, or turn your light on, this helps with melatonin levels. Natural light suppresses the production of melatonin, so sleeping with your curtains or blinds open to allow morning light in will mean you’re more refreshed when your alarm goes off.


Protein Up

Have a protein packed breakfast (eggs, omelette, protein smoothie, nuts and seeds on porridge). Having a high in protein brekkie is more likely to be filling, it won’t spike your blood sugar levels and is the best way to start your day. Swap those cereals for some eggs on wholemeal bread!


Get into nature

Oh fresh air and nature! The most underrated way to increase your happiness and is guaranteed to make you feel so much better. When you’re feeling groggy, the last thing you want is the gym, but a calming walk around a park will regenerate you for sure.


Snack on nuts

I know how tempting it is to go to sugar when your tired, but it’s a slippery slope once you’ve had the brownie. Let’s be honest you won’t eat salad after that, you’ll simply crave more sugar. When you’re tired, you will always feel more hungry, so try some nuts and some dried fruit as they will be more likely to satisfy you.


You can rest

When your little one goes down for a nap (if they nap) try and rest as well, whether that’s lying down with your eyes closed or actually having a sleep. Looking after kids is super intense, you need down-time as much as they do, so remember to take care of yourself too!


I hope these tips were helpful in some way.

I’d love to know what you think over on my Instagram , share your tips with me.


Lots of love,

Maddy. Xx

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