How to kickstart your metabolism

How to kickstart your metabolism

Up the intensity.

Instead of your usual slog on the treadmill, try a High Intensity burst like an interval sprint. It isn’t just time efficient but can also boost your metabolism and preserve muscle tone. This on/off workout style causes you to use more oxygen and makes your body work harder to burn energy. Try a 20 minute HIIT class, there are lots of great online workouts.

Start your day right.

Pour yourself a cup of warm filtered water with lemon, it is super cleansing for the body and kicks the metabolism in the morning. After hydrating have a great breakfast like poached eggs, salmon and rocket. This high protein meal will keep you all going until lunch and help you stop snacking or reaching for a soft drink at 11.

Up the protein.

Make sure you add protein rich foods like salmon, hemp seeds, chicken and pumpkin seeds into your diet. Protein helps to preserve muscle mass, boosts the metabolism and keeps you going all day long.

Ditch the Junk.

Cut down on refined sugar and trans fats as they slow down the metabolism and cause inflammation and insulin resistance.

Add in some ACV.

Apple Cider Vinegar helps the digestive system break down your food allowing you to absorb the nutrients from your food better. It helps curb your appetite and boosts the metabolism. Add a teaspoon in a glass of filtered water 15 minutes before you eat or add into salad dressings.

Incidental Exercise.

If you can’t get to the gym, add in some squats while you cook your dinner or take the stairs on the tube instead of the escalator, add in a little more movement in the day and watch your metabolism sky rocket.

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