How to deal with your sugar addiction

How to deal with your sugar addiction

Pursuing a nourishing, wholesome diet will lead to a decrease in the desire for sugary foods. The more we eat them, the more we crave them leading to a viscous cycle that can be very hard to break. So here are a few tips to deal with your sugar addiction:

Avoid extremes

Being completely restrictive is what drives the feasting mentality that can lead to a bad relationship with food and sugar. Allow yourself a treat occasionally and you will feel more satisfied and less likely to binge.

Educate yourself

Sugar is in many shop-brought foods that we are unaware of, things like pre-made pasta sauces, tinned soups and muesli all contain sugar and we may not even be aware of it. Educate yourself on foods that contain sugar and avoid eating processed foods and instead cook fresh, healthy meals. You will get far more satisfaction and it will taste delicious.

Fall in love with cooking

This doesn’t mean to say you have to completely cut out sweet treats! When I first started cutting out refined sugars, I started cooking my own meals from scratch – including desserts! I am partial to a sweet treat from time to time, and I always whip up a refined sugar free alternative to whatever it is that I’m craving. Here are some of my favourite recipes when I’m craving the sweet stuff.

Raw Nutella Brownie

Raw Nutella Slices

Try my gooey indulgent raw nutella brownies for a chocolaty fix!

Baked Strawberry and Walnut Tart

Strawberry and Walnut big

This summery treat is going to leave your sweet tooth sweetly satisfied.

Raw Orange Chocolate

Orange chocolate thumbnail

So easy to make and full of magnesium that will keep your sugar cravings at bay!

The ultimate chocolate chip cookie

IMG_8816-1 copie

If you love cookies, this healthy treat is your go to!

Let me know how you get on with my recipes and comment below with your top tips for avoiding sugar.


Feature image cakes by Henrietta Inman

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