How to recover after eating badly

How to recover after eating badly

No one is perfect and it’s not fun to be anyway!

On the whole I eat healthy, but when it’s my birthday or other celebrations I might not be sticking to gluten free & sugar free living and I usually feel pretty rubbish because of it. Most people do when they are eating so clean and they put something foreign into their bodies because the body reacts with rage.

These are my tips to get yourself back on track.


1. Digestive Enzymes

They speed up the breakdown of foods therefore speeding up the breakdown of that chocolate cake – so it’s out of your system pronto.

2. Probiotics

This helps heal your gut and restore the gut lining.

3. Slippery elm

This helps the GI tract excrete mucus which forms a barrier and promote healing of the gut.


1. Water

Flush your system with some fresh filtered water. If you’ve had an upset stomach, some coconut water is great for electrolyte balance.

2. Ginger tea

This highly anti-inflammatory tea of 1 tbsp if fresh grated ginger with a cup of hot water will help reduce nausea or stomach cramps. Its very soothing for the body and is great to have first thing in the morning.


1. Fish

It’s hard to get back on the bandwagon of healthy eating after you fall off but make sure you put some omega 3 rich foods like salmon or mackerel in your diet. If you’re not a fish fan then fav seeds and chia seeds are great and packed full of anti-inflammatory levels.

2. Protein

Sugar cravings can be high after a cookies feast, help regulate them and reduce cravings by eating lots of clean protein like chicken, fish, meat, eggs, quinoa and hemp seeds. This will help get you back on track.



1. Postive affirmations

Make sure you don’t beat yourself up, we all have days we eat cake or booze to much. Just get back into your new routine the next day. Happy thoughts create a happy body so no self punishment please.

What do you do to keep on track? Leave a comment below….

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