Get Your Glow Back – Ep 3 – With Kate FW

Get Your Glow Back – Ep 3 – With Kate FW

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I’m so excited to share with you an episode all about SLEEP with my amazing friend Kate Faithfull-Williams! Kate is a contributing editor to Stylist magazine, well-being author and journalist and a specialist in sleep. Oh also, the crazy inspiring lady also has two young daughters.


We discuss Eating Before Bed, What to do when you wake up in the night, why we all need to invest in black out blinds and keeping your phone out of your bedroom. Also, sleep is important for every aspect of health, wellbeing (mood, appetite, regulating stress) and illnesses. Sleep is like a MAGIC BULLET but is also so hard to come by!


She has most recently brought out a book called The Feel Good Plan, and well the title says it all, it’s all about feeling good. Kate partnered with celebrity trainer Dalton Wong and say how just by taking 15 minutes – that’s just 1% of your day – you can change your body and mind for life. Full of positive ideas to help you tune in to what really makes your body feel great, from highly effective do-anywhere 15 minute workouts that make you look and feel younger, to healthier versions of all your favourite foods.


“ An evening routine guarantees a good night sleep “


Kate’s Evening Routine:


  • 5 minute tidy up
  • Lower the lights
  • Kids to bed
  • Bathroom – face, hair and moisturise
  • Chat and chill
  • Have one last wee


Eating Before Bed:


  • The time you eat is as crucial as when you eat
  • Your body can’t digest and eat at the same time
  • Eat as close to dinner time as possible
  • Salmon, miso and spinach (cosy and calming), avocado on oatcakes, banana
  • Avoid heavier foods or sugary foods (red meat, cookie… etc)
  • When your body feels like it needs something sweet late a night, it’s your body saying it’s tired and wants energy so you most probably you just need some sleep!


Morning Routine:


  • Get some natural light in the morning
  • Cuddles with baby
  • Don’t go on phone for first hour
  • Enjoy the morning


Not sleeping:


  • If you need a loo, go to the loo
  • Too hot, throw the covers off
  • Think calm and rationally
  • Notepad next to bed
  • Mindful practice: Make it feel like your melting from top to bottom.




  1. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier than you would normally – the bed time routine always goes on for a bit longer than anticipated
  2. Try and stay off your phone for the first 30 minutes in the morning
  3. Every night, try and make a gratitude list – great for making you feel more positive about your day!


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