Get Your Glow Back – Episode 22 – With Eminé Rushton

Episode 22: Eminé Rushton: 

In today’s episode we discussed ayurveda,  how to apply it to your life and the baby steps you can take to live a more grounded, intuitive and balanced life. 


Key takeaways: 


Finding your Dosha is a great place to start 


Energy shifts throughout the day, in order to have the best sleep it’s important to be in tune with energy cycles and sleep when the energy is in a vatta cycle 


We need to get back in tune with our childlike intuition, as adults we can be guilty of drowning out our inner voice but it’s important to get back in touch with it to find out what we really need. 


It’s important to respond rather than react in the busyness of life 


A rigid routine ignores the fact that what we need moment to moment, instead intuitively listen to the self rather than to do the same thing day in day out





Gentle Birth Method by Dr Gowri Motha 

Sattva: The Ayurvedic Way To Live Well by Paul and Eminé Rushton 

Absolute Beauty by Pratima Raichur 



For a Dosha Quiz: 

Jasmine Hemsley 

Banyan Botanicals


This Conscious Life


Geeta Vara

Deepa Apté

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