Eating Out With Your Baby – Motherhood Mondays (6)

Eating Out With Your Baby – Motherhood Mondays (6)

Hey there, welcome back!!

Over the past year, I have found and still do find kids menus really difficult to navigate. I often find myself getting frustrated at how unadventurous they are, whatever restaurant you go to, they are all the same (pizza, nuggets and fish fingers)!


I wanted to give you ways I have found to make it a whole lot easier and certainly more stress-free…


Don’t be scared to order from normal menu


Whether you share a plate, or have one for themselves and ask for a takeaway container with the rest. You’ll get more variety and colour! Obviously kids don’t eat as much as adults, so see if they can lessen the portion


Come prepared


Bring a snack or finger food for them to munch on before there food arrives. Kids aren’t as patience as us, and sometimes they are not aware of how long food may take.


If your at a brunch place look for:


– Salmon

– Sliced avocado

– Boiled egg

– Toast

– Vegetable based dishes



Lunch/dinner places:


– Ask if any cruditees or vegetables can come alongside main meal as finger food

– If there’s peas on the menu, these are always a winner for kids

– Sweet potato wedges

– Pitta and hummus / bread and oils

– Any meats, grains or nuts


Don’t be scared to ask


Ask your waitress not to season the food, as much as possible. Often it is covered in salt
When Shay was weaning I mainly brought his food, so I would just bring a little pot of puree or finger food.



Magice weapon


When I don’t have time to prepare any food , I would grab a Babease pouch – we love the Sweet Potato & Chickpea Stew!!  Myself (ambassador) and Babease founder, Tom Redwood’s, aim is to encourage you to feed your young ones adventurous foods, tastes and textures – no different from the foods you want to eat. So this is the perfect little pouch to kick start their tastebuds.


Hydration is key!


Take a cup with you, so they can keep hydrated while eating there meals and whilst your out and about. Shay has the Munchkin Miracle sippy cup. Which is a perfect size to carry around and easy for Shay to hold onto as well.


Stay clean!


Though sometimes all you want to do is to get your child out of the restaurant and into the fresh air, away from the mess that was just made. I would always say clean up after yourself; bring wipes and maybe even a little hand towel, you’ll leave feeling empowered and free of guilt!


Stay regular!


Eating out can be quite stressful, you’re worried about the mess, them not eating the food, having to leave early. However, for me, it really helped at the beginning to have a regular cafe to go to at a certain time and sit down at 11am for shays lunch and my brunch. It’s nice to be out of the house and helps your little one to get restaurant trained for the future!


I hope these have helped in some way – by all means every restaurant or cafe visit will be different and most definitely don’t go to plan. But I have found that somewhere along the line, these tips have been super helpful!



I would love to know you are here and finding Motherhood Mondays helpful…


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Maddy. Xx

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