Things I’m loving this week – Easter Edit

Things I’m loving this week – Easter Edit


Easter is such a great time of year! That Spring feeling is in the air, and brings a sense of rejuvenation which comes with beautiful plants springing!
I go kind of Easter crazy in the kitchen. I love the novelty of having little cookie cutters in the shape of bunnies, and decorating the table with little chicks!
Easter is that first weekend of the year everyone gets excited, four whole days of fun. So why not celebrate with some amazing Easter goodies. These are my favourite things to lust after around Easter whether that be on my table, in my tummy or just cute little quirky items to cheer everyone up. I hope you enjoy the lovely little collection of Easter treasures!


Bunny Socks  – £3.50 Topshop

My collection of socks continues to grow and these are definitely a part of my sock drawer as they’re Eastery and perfect for this time of year. I love wearing socks, they’re so comforting so bunnies on socks I’m saying yes to!


Sophie Allport Mug – £10

This little china mug is so great for gifts or even a little treat for yourself! How great would a raw cacao hot chocolate be in this mug? LOVE it!


Ombar Chocolate

If Easter isn’t a reason to have chocolate and really indulge, then I don’t know what is! I’ll be eating Ombar, it’s made with raw cacao and so delicious as a lovely treat! Life is all about balance so make sure you have a bit of what you fancy this weekend.


Easter Cutters – £4.99

These are perfect for Easter baking, I love moulds as they bring a new dimension to baking and make it so much more fun and playful! These are great for chocolate and I can guarantee that they’ll be a crowd pleaser.


Fluffy Chicks – £2

How cute are these fluffy chicks, there are 4 different colours so plenty to choose from. I love decorating my table with them!


I hope you have an amazing Easter – big kiss and lots of love xxx

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