Best Hydrating Face Masks

Best Hydrating Face Masks

During the colder months, there’s lots of things that can dry out our skin like cold weather and central heating. There’s a few ways to keep your skin plump and moisturised, like making sure you’re drinking plenty of water, but I also like to mask up overnight to give my skin that extra boost. Try some of these masks for extra hydration…

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Mask, £20 


Made from 99% natural ingredients including Clary Sage the magic ingredient in this face mask; a plant famous for being able to survive even the driest of weather conditions due to its unique ability to retain moisture. As well as intense hydration, it is dermatologically tested and noncomedogenic: which means it won’t block up those lovely pores, AND it tackles the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! An all-round bee-utiful face mask!


Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, £23 


This yummy smelling mask contains lush ingredients like Avocado, apricot oil, orange peel wax and mango butters which smell amazing and clever bits like Japanese Seaweed which helps repair skin’s barrier to prevent future dehydration and signs of premature ageing. Did you know your skin is most permeable at night so using this overnight mask means that those long eight hours’ sleep can literally be beauty sleep; your face will wake up comfortable, refreshed and deeply moisturised. Sounds like a fanta-zzz-tic idea to me!


The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask, £14 


Everyone loves a Body Shop cream, and this iconic Vitamin E range face mask is no exception. Another one which you can wear while you snooze, the protective vitamin E, moisturising wheatgerm oil and Community Trade soya oil from Brazil it is suitable for even the driest of skins. The light, gel-cream mask helps to infuse optimum moisture levels into the skin with intense hydration. E-asy peasy beautiful skin!


What are your tried and tested face mask saviours? Leave a comment below.

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