Behind My Business Part 1: A Day In The Life Of Me

Behind My Business Part 1: A Day In The Life Of Me

Hey Beautiful

I often get asked ‘so do you cook all day?’ which to be honest, I think is a pretty reasonable question. I thought I’d share a day in the life of me, all things cooking, meetings, writing and eating! I hope you enjoy part 1 of Behind my business. I’ll be covering all aspects of my business in further blogs, I hope you enjoy.


✹ Most mornings, I’ll wake up with Shay at just before 6.We’ll go downstairs and he’ll have his morning bottle – this goes down in no time.

✹This is the key time to hydrate and get as much water on board as possible, sometimes I’ll have a liquorice tea.

✹Around 8/8:30 I’ll make Shay his breakfast, which will normally be scrambled eggs and avocado or salmon.

✹ I hold off for breakfast till 9/10am this is just to give my digestive system a break. You can find out about my intermittent fasting journey here.

Note: Intermittent fasting doesn’t have to be about how long you can go without eating and doing the same every day. I think it’s about listening to your body and knowing what’s right for it.

✹ As I have my wonderful nanny 4 days a week, I have been able to fit in yoga or F45 classes in the morning around 9, or I start to crack on with work earlier. I also don’t work Fridays or the weekend anymore, as since having Shay I have realised I needed to be stricter with myself and have more quality time. I used to work 7 days a week and found that I never really switched off.

✹ Having 4 set days where I blast out all the work I need, with no distraction is great and I know how lucky I am to be able to do this.

✹ My breakfast normally consists of a morning smoothie – I will never get bored of this breakfast. It is simply made up of:
–      Frozen Blueberries
–      Protein Powder / Collagen Powder
–      Almond Milk
–      1 Ice Cube



✹ Typically work starts at 9:30, or 10 am if I’ve been to a class.

✹ I begin with writing my to do list for the day, because I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t live without my to do lists.

✹ This will set out what I want to achieve for the day and be there as a personal motivator * I must get everything ticked off *. I like to make 1 hourly slots, for emails and recipes, as this will maximise my time as much as possible and I feel like if I spend too long on one thing, quality can sometimes go down hill a little.

✹ I then have a morning meeting with Sarah who works for me, in which we’ll talk through content for the week, any upcoming brand work we have and set out a plan of attack!

✹ More specifically we plan and produce content for:

↠ Recipe on Monday
↠ Blog on Tuesday
↠ Vlog on Wednesday
↠ The Newsletter on Thursday – as well as the awesome exclusive recipe that goes with it

Depending on the day, I’ll knuckle down and do the content for that day or if its brand work, I’ll be doing it a couple of weeks prior.

✹ I’ll then take a lunch break, which means I will usually eat whatever I’ve made that day. I try to sit outside if it’s sunny, go for a stroll and listen to a podcast or sit at a table and eat my lunch. I find if I don’t use my lunch break sensibly and step away from work for a moment, I’m more likely to tire earlier in the afternoon.



✹ In the afternoon I’ll often head into town for meetings with either other people in the industry, potential brands or my manager. In between these times, I like to do research, watch you tube for content ideas or watch FoodbloggerPro bootcamps. I’m always so keen to learn more!

✹ I try and finish work by 5/530pm. This means I can spend time with Shay, feed him dinner, have bath time (because there is no one else I would rather be splashed by) and put him to bed. It’s a crucial part to my day and what I look forward too most of all :).

✹ Once Shay is down, I’ll often spend another half hour working. This will be either putting up Instagram posts to promote whatever has gone on the website that day or reply to your direct messages and comments. This is also crucial and an important part to my day. I love chatting with you, connecting with you and helping in any way I can – I am so thankful for you beautiful people.




✹ Once I’ve done this, I find I’m able to disconnect and step away from work for the day and switch off.  I like to start my wind down routine to make sure I’m calm, settled and sleepy. Although an early night is not always possible, my wind down routine is definitely a huge helping hand.

Next time, in Part 2 of Behind My Business, I will run through the platforms and apps I use in my day-to-day working life. Thank you so much for joining in with Part 1.

If there is anything else you might be interested by or would like to find out about my business, please do let me know over on my Instagram gorgeous.

As always, thank you so much for your support.
Love, Madeleine. Xx

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