How to Find Balance

How to Find Balance

Balance is a word thrown around a lot but I wanted to share to you what balance means to me. I recently got back from an event where a young boy asked me how often had I eaten Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. In fact I often get asked questions like this, “do you drink?” or “do you ever eat a burger?”..and the answer is yes. It’s doesn’t happen daily but I’m not one to say no to a gin and tonic and hazelnut gelato.


I’ve gone through a journey with wellness and balance. When I first got into this world I went totally extreme, from binge drinking every night to not a drop. From supermarket deodorant to none, from takeaways to cold press juices. I wanted to do it all and do it well. However, over time I’ve realised that being perfectly healthy wasn’t right for me.


I love natural beauty and really believe in it but I don’t want to give up my Charlotte Tilbury mascara. I know it’s not natural but it actually stays on and works for me (my eyes are super oily). I believe in doing things that nourish your life, that might not always be the perfect way of doing things but they are right for you.


There is a lot out there at the moment about “clean” or “healthy eating” causing eating disorders. I hope from the bottom of my heart you don’t feel this way. I always talk in positives about food, it is a pleasure and something to be enjoyed. I aim to inspire and to make healthy eating more delicious, simple and easy to create.


I have found balance over the years by really switching off, I spend my weekends at the pub and eating out. People might ask why I don’t share this, and it’s not that I’m embarrassed it’s just that I need separation between work and life. So my balancing act is finding things that take me away from this.  


Balance is a hard thing to do and it’s difficult to have it all, I don’t know anyone one who does. I think we find our balance through trial and tribulation and finding the sweet spot.


Some things that have helped me over the years to switch off are:


  1. Turn your phone off – switch off from the world, take one day a week to switch off (it’s liberating)
  2. Say No – learn to say no to things, don’t pile more on your plate
  3. Schedule more family time – consciously make the effort to spend more time with your family and friends
  4. Walk it off – I love nothing more that a long walk, it clears my head and make me feel calmer and more centred

Balance comes from doing a range of things, from doing the things that you need to do and doing some things just because they’re naughty


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