Ask Madeleine: Your Questions Answered!

Ask Madeleine: Your Questions Answered!

Welcome to the first ever Ask Madeleine!

I am so incredibly excited to answer some of the amazing questions you guys have submitted.

In this new segment, I hope to address some of the burning questions and queries you have on how to enliven the hottest, healthiest and (most importantly) happiest you. This week I selected the top three most frequently asked questions…the questions you want answered. I hope this post helps you glow even brighter this month.

Here we go!

What are your top 3 tips for transitioning to a clean and healthy lifestyle? 

In Get the Glow, I offer a 6 week program that does just this! If you are struggling with transitioning to a healthier and happier lifestyle – this is what worked for me.

If I could offer three quick tips?

  1. Manage your mindset:  Don’t despair and fixate on what you have to give up, instead focus on all the exciting new foods to fill your plate, recipes to try, and cafes to explore. There are plenty – I promise!
  2. Prepare: Decide what tasty recipes you are going to create, do your shopping, and prepare for each week on Sunday. Need recipe inspo? Try some of these.
  3. Buddy Up: Try new recipes and workouts with a friend or family member who also wants to embark on a healthier lifestyle. This will make your journey more enjoyable, and hopefully keep you motivated!

How do you get rid of acne and what should I be eating to do so?

No matter girl or boy, young or old, acne is something that seems to rear it’s ugly head at different stages in our lives – and it’s never fun! While it must be said – I am not a dermatologist! – I do have a skin care routine that works really well for me. In fact, I made a video listing the products I use, and my step by step routine for morning and night. Check it out here!

 Your skin is often a reflection of your internals – you are what you eat, as they say.

My top skin-glowing foods include: red peppers (vitamin c – keeps your skin taut and toned), chia seeds (omega-3s and calcium – hydrates your skin), brazil nuts (contains selenium – protects your skin from cell damage), and kale (excellent source of sulphur – we need for collagen synthesis, which falls short as we age).

My final skin secret? A super simple Homemade Spirulina and Honey Face Mask. All you need is two ingredients!

What to do about healthy eating when staying with my not so healthy friends?

We’ve all been there. You are doing so well – eating right, exercising often, feeling great – then suddenly, you are staying with your friends and whats on the menu doesn’t exactly fit in with your new lifestyle?

The important thing to remember here is that trying to be perfect all the time is not healthy. It’s also pretty much impossible. Remember that no one is perfect – especially not me!  It is important to eat out, socialise, and enjoy your life. Don’t feel bad about eating a “naughty’ meal every now and then. It’s a part of life.

My top tips for managing a situation like this would be:

  1. Keep your portions in check. Don’t take this opportunity to jump off the bandwagon. Enjoy yourself, just don’t overdue it. No one likes that overly stuffed feeling! Especially not your digestive system.
  2. Bring a healthy side or dessert. I always like to bring some sort of contribution to a dinner party or weekend away. Not only is it polite but it also alleviates some of the cooking stress off the host.
  3. Think simple. If your friends have created a buffet style meal – go for the simple dishes, they are usually the healthiest options.

I hope you enjoyed the first ever ‘Ask Madeleine’!

If you have any questions or queries please use the hashtag #askmadeleine on twitter, instagram and facebook, or leave your question in the comment section below x


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