I’m Pregnant!

I’m Pregnant!

I can’t believe I am saying this, it’s been such a hard secret to keep! I’m not going to lie, the last 3 months have been super hard.

Morning/ all day sickness

I have thrown up every other day and it always seems to be in strange places. I’ve thrown up on trains, in taxis, outside Kings Cross station and in my boyfriend’s mother’s living room. I mean it hasn’t been pretty. I always thought I had a strong stomach but pregnancy changes everything.

I’ve sniffed lemons (my assistant told me that it works), eaten ginger and plain foods, but to be honest nothing has really helped. I’ve learnt that fruit and travel set it off… Fruit is easy to avoid, travel is harder.


Another fun thing I’ve discovered was that my face broke out in acne, mainly around the chin area. I usually have pretty good skin so I found it really difficult to deal with. I went out a couple of weeks ago and felt quite self-conscious about my skin. I saw a specialist and she recommended I don’t put any moisturiser or oil on my chin and to put on 2 mud masks a week. It has really helped although I can feel another chin spot coming on.


This is probably something we all get even when we are not pregnant, but I’ve had to sleep 12 hours every night just to get through the day. The remedy? Early nights.


I know, gross. My boyfriend had never heard me burp before I got pregnant. I’m not burping as much now, but I did go through a stage of burping all the time. Being more mindful with my food and taking the time to chew has helped calm it down. I do think it may be because my stomach hasn’t been dealing with food recently so it kind of goes hand in hand with the burping.

Aside from all of this I am so excited! I do feel more confident in my body, even though its changing (my boobs have got massive). I think it’s because my focus on my body isn’t to look good, it’s to house this little angel which is a lovely place to be in.

Of course my blog will start to change and have more of a fertility and pregnancy focus. Don’t worry if you’re not at this stage, I’ll still be doing my usual recipes and videos. I can’t wait for you to meet Baby Glow :)

P.S If you have any great websites, books or advice for me please leave a comment below…

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