Advice: What Carbs Should I Be Eating?

Advice: What Carbs Should I Be Eating?


Carbs are such a hot topic. Carb free, high carb, low carb..what on earth should I be eating?

I first got into healthy eating through the paleo route..I went from my very low fat diet of fruit, low fat yogurt and diet coke to slow roast meat, nuts and veg. It was a massive change, I ate no grain and very little carbs (just sweet potato here and there) It was ok for while but I realised actually it’s good to have some. Carbs don’t make you fat or kill you, it’s just about getting the right ones in.

So what are the best ones?

I’m all about supercharging my diet. There are so many foods to choose from when it comes to carbs, so I like to eat the most nutritious ones.

1. Quinoa, Buckwheat, Millet

Quinoa – the hottest grain on the planet it seems. Providing a good source of carbs and protein, it’s gluten free and can be jazzed up a as porridge or tossed through a salad. You musn’t forget about Quinoa’s very sexy siblings, buckwheat and millet. Again, both gluten free and protein packed. Buckwheat has a nice nutty texture and is great in a risotto. Millet can be used like quinoa and goes really well with a curry.

2. Root veg -sweet potato, pumpkin and potato

Did I say potato…yes I did. The poor little potato has got a bad rep over the years but they aren’t bad for you, it’s just the main uses are deep fried chips. Anything deep fried sadly doesn’t do your body any good. Stick to boiled or baked potato. However, I’m more of a fan of sweet potato, rich in skin glowing vitamin A and C they are one of natures superfoods.

All Root Veg are also great ways of getting carbs into your diet. Stick to 1 serving per day and mix it up with other sources of carbs.

3. Basmati Rice

Although I don’t often cook with it, rice is also a beautiful food that has been used for centuries. This staple is so tasty and contains all eight essential amino acids, folic acid and has such a lovely nutty taste. I have to say I don’t digest rice that well, since I have been working on healing my gut with probiotics and fermented foods, I’m a lot better with rice and my boyfriend is half Indian so wolfs it down. Remember to listen to your body, it knows what’s right.

4. Bread – Rye bread or Sourdough

Now we couldn’t do a post on carbs without tackling bread. Bread is something that is also given a bad rep, but it’s those like the Hovis white slice which is the real enemy. A slice of rye bread with avocado is a great way to start the day, and if you are just making the transmission to a healthy life and can’t quit, get away from the white stuff and why not try sourdough? Its’ been fermented with a sourdough culture (how all bread used to be) which means it’s easy to digest.

Biona makes some great gluten free breads which are tasty with your eggs in the morning too!

5. Brown rice pasta, courgetti or soba noodles

Pasta is a staple at my house but it usually is made from some form of vegetable. Sadly the way wheat is made today is very different to how it used to be. It is mass produced and genetically modified, the crops yield more so companies can make more money but this sadly means less nutrition. Pasta that sits on the shelves is often also very old, so I like to make courgette noodles or use brown rice pasta or soba noodles in asian dishes.


I like to fill my plate 1/3 protein, 1/3 non starchy veg 1/3 from the above.

This doesn’t always work for everyone. You might be diabetic, have gut issues or allergies so check with a practitioner to devise the best plan for you, but I hope this post make you feel more confident in your carb choices and gets you experimenting with some new foods.

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