9 tips to de-stress after a busy day

9 tips to de-stress after a busy day


Stress… it’s all my friends and I seem to talk about. Whether it’s your job, school, family or self pressure, stress is something that can ruin our lives.

After a long day at work there is nothing worse than feeling like you can’t switch off, so I’m going to show you how. Now I can’t magically banish your stress (sadly), but I can help reduce it.


1. The journey home

Your commute home can be the cause of your stress, with sweaty people squashed up against you and perhaps you didn’t get a seat. Don’t worry, I won’t recommend a cab home, instead listen to some music.

Try not to focus on the negativity around you. Instead, focus your attention on something more positive, maybe what you are having for dinner. Listen to some calming music and remember stressing over your commute won’t get you home any faster. If you just accept it and don’t resist it, it will get easier.


2. When you get through the door

First things first, don’t go straight to the fridge. Food wont solve your stress. People are divided into stress eaters and those who lose their appetite when their stressed. If, like me, you are someone who stress eats, change your habits by getting home and going straight upstairs and away from the fridge.


3. Have a shower

Having a shower is really refreshing, it washes off the day and opens a new chapter for the evening.


3. Switch your phone off

Try and stop staring at your emails, or refreshing your feed to see something new. Your evening is time to switch off and looking at your phone doesn’t help.


5. Make a cup of tea

Liquorice root is very healing for your adrenals and helps calm the body, its also super sweet so helps curb sugar cravings. I love peppermint and liquorice tea from Tea Pigs.


6. Set the mood

Candles and Classic FM do it for me – lots of calming smells and sounds make such a difference.


7. Make sure your fridge is stocked

There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day and not having anything in the fridge. Why not take Sunday for some food prep to make some roast chicken, quinoa and veggie for the week so you have something delicious to tuck into when you are home.


8. Before you sleep

Take 10 deep belly breaths, focus on the breath coming in through your nose and out through your nose. This will help calm you down ready for bed.


9. Keep a note book beside your bed

Jot down any worries, thoughts or ideas, there is nothing worse than a buzzing mind at night.


I hope this helps you unwind, remember that you are not alone, everyone is going through similar things.

If you have any great tips please share them below, and if you know anyone who needs a little de-stressing then please share this with them!

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