7 Steps To Combat Overeating When You’re Tired

7 Steps To Combat Overeating When You’re Tired

Hey gorgeous

Hungover / overtired / exhausted / stressed =

Fried food / glued to the sofa / coffee coffee coffee / sugary fizzy drink / hard on yourself.

Can anyone else resonate? However, as hangovers don’t come often for me and when they do, need to be avoided, I thought I’d share with you my new regime that has helped me combat overeating when I’m tired. How I get my glow back after a long night. I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Hydrate Before You Caffenaite

When you wake up instead of reaching for a handful of coffee beans, reach for water!! Especially if your hungover, as you will more than likely be extremely dehydrated and coffee will dehydrate you further. I love to cut some strawberries or lemon into my water.

Step 2. Get Planning

Plan out your meals for the day. I find if I don’t do this, I will graze all day long. It will also prevent me from digging into copious amounts of sweets and sugary things. Take a trip to your local shop and get lots of enriching foods: almond butter, some hummus, sliced carrot and apple are my go-to hangover snacks.

Step 3. Up & Out

When I’m feeling a bit drowsy on a Saturday morning, I get my trainers on and go on a long walk with Shay. I SWEAR IT CHANGES MY WHOLE DAY. Get out the house or go for a long walk on your lunch break. Take a 30 min walk and breathe in the fresh air, you’ll find you feel less nauseous trust me.

Step 4. 1 Plate, 3 Components

Naturally you will feel more hungry than normal as when you haven’t slept enough your body will send you more hunger hormones than it would if you have a good nights sleep. Be mindful of this and try and have a nice portion of: 1. protein, 2. carbohydrate and 3. veggies in your meal. See my top 3 hangover recipes you need:

Stomach Soothing Green Juice

My Healthy, Enriching Full English

Tasty Vegan Burger With Portobello Buns

Step 5. Mind Set

You had a burger for lunch? Nothing wrong with that. We all do it that’s for sure. The problem comes after when you make yourself feel bad for it and bring negative energy onto yourself. Enjoy every single bite of that burger, you can always balance it out with a lighter meal with lots of veggies later on. Either way, don’t be too hard on yourself!

Step 6. Body Scan

Something that really helps with my mindset when I’m overtired is a body scan. Close your eyes, sit down and rest your body. Listen to what it needs. Our minds trick us and think we need to grab all the sugar in the world. But if we actually wait and listen, we may in fact need gallons of water, some fruit, some shut eye, some exercise or 10 mindful minutes of meditation. Listen and you’ll know beautiful.

Step 7. Cuppa T

There isn’t anything that a cup of tea can’t sort.
Brew a cup of tea & listen to your favourite music – I remember when I was at Uni in Sydney I first discovered ‘beer fear’ and if I was having a tired/ down day or stayed out too late the night before. A cup of English breakfast and music always made me feel so much better.

Life is all about balance. Balance is very hard to acquire and can often take a long time to learn. But just by trying, you will be one step closer. In the meantime; enjoy those late nights out, those hungover sofa days, those late night McDonalds, the one too many cocktails. The rest of the time feed yourself with nutritious foods that make you feel good, move more and promote happy thoughts through meditatation . You can do it beautiful.

I hope these have helped, I’d love to know what you think.

Lots of love, Madeleine. Xx

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