7 Ingredients I Always Keep In My Fridge

7 Ingredients I Always Keep In My Fridge

Hey beautiful!


What with working away at a few exciting new projects (I’ll tell you more soon!), trying to get on top of my laundry mountain and remembering to call my friend on her birthday, I feel like I’m spinning a gazillion plates right now.


Writing A Year of Beautiful Eating really reinforced my passion for eating fresh, seasonal food. But I’ve been so on the back foot recently that sometimes I only realise I need to do my grocery shopping when I look in the fridge to see what’s for dinner – face palm! So, now I make sure I have my favourite ingredients in the fridge, as then I have 20 dishes I can quickly throw together. Here are my seven go-to ingredients:


1. Miso paste: my secret weapon

Inside this tiny pot is the most amazing umami taste. It’s rich and savoury; pure deliciousness. A tablespoon of miso seasons soups, noodles, salads and curries to perfection – it’s so versatile and it lasts a really long time. Ooh, I’m going to make my Courgette Ribbon Kale Bowl today.


2. Tamari: my top tip for Asian cooking

I cook a lot of Asian food, like this vegan Miso Roast Aubergine with Sweet Potato Noodles. Tamari is a naturally fermented soy sauce with a deep authentic flavour, and a drizzle makes fish, meat and tofu recipes instantly more interesting. So much easier than faffing around with marinades too!


3. Fresh ginger: goes with everything

Grate a thumb of ginger, and you could whiz it into a beautiful berry smoothie, make a gorgeous beetroot soup for lunch and feast on a bowl of turkey meatballs with udon noodles for dinner. And it would be rude not to make some raw ginger chia cookies, right? Ginger is amazing for your immune system, so I put it into as many recipes as I can.


4. Almond milk: a sweet start to the day

I love a smoothie in the morning and almond milk adds a creamy, satisfying sweetness. My coffee chia smoothie comes with a caffeine kick that’s very welcome after a night like last night! But usually I blend almond milk with protein powder, green leafy veg and berries.


5. Fresh fish: the best fast food

So fast, in fact, that you can cook dinner faster than you can get a Deliveroo. I always have salmon or seabass ready to go as it takes 10 minutes to cook. High in Omega-3s and packed with protein, fresh fish always gets me glowing. Have you tried my Mexican Salmon, Lentil & Quinoa Bowl?  Or this Garlic-Roasted Seabass with Chilli Broccoli is lush, even if I do say so myself!


6. Green leafy veggies: to glow with goodness

Swiss chard, kale and spinach are among the most nutrient-packed foods you can get, and particularly high in magnesium which keeps you relaxed during the day. Who doesn’t want to feel more relaxed?! As well as eating green leafy salads, adding handful of these nutritional powerhouses to smoothies – try my Detox Green Smoothie  – and stirfries mean you’re nourishing your body with more nutrients.  I especially love kale because it can last about a week in the fridge – I feel so sad when I have to say goodbye to a soggy bag of spinach!


7. I love a vegetable rainbow

Courgettes, red peppers, aubergines… my fridge is home to a full rainbow of veg. Often I buy whatever veggies I know are quick to prepare. Like, cherry tomatoes only take one slice and a drizzle of olive oil and you can eat them with smoked mackerel for a quick lunch. I’m all about minimal effort!


I hope all this helps you in the kitchen. I love seeing your recreations so please do tag me #madeleineshaw and #gettheglow when you post them on Instagram, Facebook Twitter. Show me what’s in your fridge too!


Love, Madeleine xx

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