6 simple swaps for a healthy Christmas

6 simple swaps for a healthy Christmas

Christmas is the best time of year, surrounding yourself with friends and family eating mince pies and sipping cocktails. I absolutely love it and Christmas is definitely all about treating yourselves and people around you but why not make it a little less naughty and still as indulgent by making a few simple swaps.

1. Mince Pies



Mince pies are such a delight and makes every home feel like Christmas. You can make these delicious little parcels at home instead for a healthy swap. You certainly will not feel like you’ve missed out and this can be fun family bake in the build up to Christmas!

2. Cocktails



Cocktails at Christmas are a given. For those of you who want to celebrate with a healthier refreshing cocktail try this delicious Coco-Colada or This Healthy Christmas Cocktail. The perfect tipple this festive period.

Both can be enjoyed with or without alcohol!

3. Christmas Pudding


Make a healthy version of this Christmas favourite instead a sugary processed pudding. It is a total crowd pleaser and will fill your home with gorgeous scents of Christmas spices.

4.  Chocolate


Raw balls are such a great substitute for chocolate at Christmas time, you can make so many different kinds and are a great little energy boost with all that dancing, laughing and cooking. Try these cinnamon and chocolate balls for a Christmassy treat.

5. Nuts



Nuts are packed with protein and are filling due to their fibre content. I love snacking on nuts and they’re always nuts around the house during Christmas time. Just make sure you are snacking on the right kind of nuts, swap chocolate coated brazils for unsalted almonds and walnuts.



Making these healthy swaps will have you enjoying the festive season without feeling guilty or like you’ve over-indulged. Enjoy every moment and remember that Christmas is all about enjoying yourselves! Have a great Christmas beautiful people x

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