5 Ways to Manage Sensitive Teeth

5 Ways to Manage Sensitive Teeth

This week, I have been commissioned by Sensodyne to learn more about how taking care of your teeth is important for your whole wellbeing. I suffer from sensitive teeth and was surprised to find out that sensitivity isn’t a one off, it requires daily care and will return if unmanaged. Throughout the week, I was more conscious of what I was eating and my general mindset; here are five things which helped me care for my sensitive teeth.

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Savvy Snacking

For me, the snack attack always seems to strike in the afternoon, so I like to have something prepared in advance. I love dipping kale chips into hummus; kale is packed with Vitamin A which helps contribute to a healthy immune system. Dips from the fridge can affect my sensitive teeth, so I use Sensodyne in the morning and at night to manage that.

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…and relax

I have such a bad habit of grinding my teeth during the night which can wear away enamel, and over time, cause tooth sensitivity. A tight jaw is actually a sign of stress, I like to do a daily yoga flow to help me unwind after a busy day, it leaves me feeling super relaxed and helps reduce the tension in my jaw – so no more grinding!

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Sack off the sugar!

My pregnancy has got me craving all sorts of sweet things – fizzy drinks in particular. I’ve been resisting this by sipping on a vanilla chai tea but I found that it’s not just the cold that affects my tooth sensitivity. The heat can also trigger it, so I make sure I use Sensodyne twice every day to help with that.

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Get fruity

I don’t know about you, but I always get the urge to eat something sweet after dinner. One of my favourite go-to desserts is mango, raspberry and blueberry frozen yogurt. The natural sugars in the fruit are healthier than other desserts that are packed with added sugars. This ice-cold treat can affect my teeth, but using Sensodyne twice daily helps manage my sensitivity.

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Modify your mindset

It’s super important to take some time out and release any stress or anxiety that may be holding you back. One of my favourite ways to do this is to take the time to meditate. Just taking a few deep breaths in and out leaves my body feeling totally relaxed.

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Small everyday things can affect your body in many ways and you may not even realise the effect it is having on your teeth. Being mindful of what you eat and your daily routines can help manage the impact it has.

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