5 ways to stay healthy on a flight

5 ways to stay healthy on a flight


Flying can leave you feeling tired, with dry skin and the dreaded cankles. Below I’m going to share 5 ways to stay healthy on a flight.

I lived in Sydney for over 3 years and would make that huge journey back every 6 months, so I have done my fair share of flight time.

Staying healthy on a flight is all about preparation. Here are my 5 top tips:

1. Bring snacks

Plane food is full of preservatives and let’s be frank… tastes rubbish. Make sure you bring a host of delicious snacks to get you through. I love to bring a big bag of nuts, coconut flakes and dates. Avoid taking any juices or even yogurt as they will throw is away if its over 100ml.

I like to have a big meal before I fly full of green veggies and good quality protein like eggs with rocket and avocado. It makes me less tempted by any airport treats.

2. Hydrate

Don’t reach for the fizzy drinks on board, and instead get stuck into a pint of water. Make sure you drink a glass of water every half an hour you are on board. It will hydrate your skin and make you feel so much better when you touch down.

I like to take some chia seeds with me (just a tbsp) and mix it in with a glass of water, they are hydrophilic so they hydrate the body and give your water a little crunch.

3. Oil up

I always bring some face oil with me, usually some rosehip oil . I love to lather this over my face on board and let it sink in while I fly. You might look a little greasy, but you skin will be glowing when you arrive.

4. Take supplements

Taking probiotics helps to keep your gut in good check. Often flights can leave us bunged up or the other way around. Give your gut some love with some probiotics.

I love BioKult

Another supplement that helps is magnesium, it relaxes the muscles and is great if you get anxious flying.

I love magnesium tablets

5. Move

Get up and move on planes, do a little squat by the toilet, a few arm stretches while sitting down, get that blood pumping around.

I like to put my head in between my legs in my seat to shift some blood into my head, also rag doll is a great pose to do.

What other tips do you have? share them below…


Image credit: Pinterest, A Bikini A Day (the gorgeous Tash Oakley)

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