5 Things Every Woman Needs To Know About Fertility | With Expert Emma Cannon

5 Things Every Woman Needs To Know About Fertility | With Expert Emma Cannon

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You know when you meet someone and you just instantly fall in love. That’s how I feel about Emma. I met Emma over 3 years ago when I was trying to regularise my periods. They were all over the place and she helped me get my cycle back. We stayed and remain great friends. She supported me through getting pregnant, my pregnancy and beyond. She is a miracle worker and oozes feminine energy. I have fallen in love with her approach to fertility and health, which is why I wanted to share it with you…

Myth Busting

Fertility can often be a bit doom and gloom especially as there is tones of myths floating around on the subject. So myself and expert Emma, wanted to bust some:

“All women’s fertility falls off a cliff at 38″
Yes, fertility does decline but this is individual and will depend on each person

“If I don’t meet anyone I can always freeze my eggs or do IVF?”
These procedures are not fertility cure-all’s and the younger you are the more chance you have of becoming pregnant. So, relying on IVF to get you pregnant in your late 30’s is risky as the stats are poor in older women. Less than 20% per cycle late 30’s. With regards to egg freezing the younger you are when you freeze your eggs the better. But again it is individual.

“If I pin point ovulation I will increase my chances of success.”
Yes and no – it works for some but also it can reduce your chances if you are reducing the amount of sex you have in a month.

Understanding and breaking through frequently asked questions


Is infertility a common problem?

Diagnosed infertility is not common, although it is on the increase (perhaps due to greater awareness), Sub fertility is far more common. It is possible to not actually be diagnosed as infertile yet still struggle to conceive. Sometimes this is referred to as unexplained infertility.

Is it just a woman’s problem?

No male factor infertility is on the increase. This is something that isn’t talked about too much, but something to always take into consideration.

When are woman fertile?

From the time you get your period (menarce) until the time you cease (menopause). So long as there are no other presenting problems one could argue she remains fertile all this time. However, fertility declines with age mostly because the quality of the egg (and to some extent the sperm) declines with age.

How do you know when you are in a fertile window?

Women have what is called a fertile window, which is a few days in the middle of the month when she produces an egg from a follicle in her ovary. Often vagina secretions change and become like egg whites. If you have a 28-day cycle then you ovulate around day 14 (but this varies), Emma states that increasing sex from day 8 is advisable.

Women with erratic cycles may find it harder to pinpoint ovulation. Sometimes ovulation sticks can be helpful in these situations. Although the only proof of ovulation is pregnancy

How do you know when you’re infertile?

Infertility is defined as the inability of a couple to get pregnant despite having regular unprotected sex over a period of two years. *

Why are so many people struggling with fertility?

Age, an ovulation (no ovulation), Male factor, Environment & Lifestyle. It may also be a case that we are more open and talk about it more, we have a higher expectation and therefore the whole fertility industry has increased.

When should you act on not being able to conceive?

This will depend on age. It’s never too early to sort out lifestyle issues and get a measure of your fertility. Much of Emma’s work is helping women preserve fertility naturally before they are ready to start trying!

Now, to sum up, there are many factors that Emma tells us to consider, these include;
Age, do you have a partner, are you ready or do you want to wait?  If no – how old are you? What can you do to preserve your fertility? The Menstrual cycle – is it regular? Your lifestyle, how much alcohol you drink, do you smoke or take drugs, your mothers menopause and fertility history and importantly stress.

Emma tells us that of course struggling to conceive brings many issues; financial, emotional, physical, relationship. It’s unhelpful just to tell people not to worry. Emma’s approach is to arm them with tools, resources and treatments to help them cope and help them make good choices. So, I was then eager to ask her top tips for becoming fertile:

1.    Flexibility

Becoming flexible and less controlling. To be controlling, brings a tension to the body and it manifests frustration and irritability

2.    Creativity

Having creative outlet and building your support community is vital. Have joy and passion in your life.

3.    Nourishment

Emotional and nutritional sources of nourishment are equally important. It’s not just about what we eat it’s about HOW and WHY we eat too. Also, our ability to absorb nutrition from our food.

4.    Transformation

Don’t get stuck on the difficult and painful things that happen in life. Find ways to turn your wounds into wisdom

5.    Belief

Don’t give in to fear. Belief and hope are at the heart of healing and I have seen many couples conceive against the odds

If you want to know more, Emma Cannon, is the lady for you. Emma is a fertility and women’s health expert who has helped countless patients achieve their dream of having a family. If you are wanting 1 to 1 consultations you can book through her website or conversely her latest plan 90 Days FERTILE which is designed to help people think and act in a more fertile and abundant way.

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There is so much fear, lack of thinking and negativity in society, social media and in the press and it spreads fear into the hearts and wombs of women. So always remember this beautiful:

“there is a place already inside you. A place without fear, a place of fertile abundance; where there is always enough. Where YOU are always enough”

–      Emma Cannon

Lots of love,

Madeleine & Emma xxx


* NICE, 2013.

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