5 Reasons Why You Need To Spend Time In An Infrared Sauna   

5 Reasons Why You Need To Spend Time In An Infrared Sauna  

Even when it’s so chilly outside there is a way of warming you up without having to fly to the Bahamas.

The first time I used an infrared sauna was in Sydney, I met this guy at a spiritual dance workshop (that’s a whole other story) and I went back to his to make some chai tea. Inside his bedroom was an infrared sauna! At first I thought this was a pretty weird thing to have in your bedroom, but then he told me about all the amazing benefits. After I had tried it a few times, I could see why. I felt more energised my skin was great and all my yoga pain had gone.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to spend time in an infrared sauna…

1.     It detoxifies your body

It’s a sauna so it’s hot, but not like a normal sauna, it’s not uncomfortable, you could read in there or listen to music. However, it does make you SWEAT, removing toxins.

2.     It’s the best de-stress tool

The sauna helps promote relaxation and balance your body’s levels of cortisol.

3.     See ya later pain

It’s the best muscle relaxer and epic at reducing any inflammation from an injury.

4.     It pumps your circulation

Infrared saunas help increase your circulation, stimulating blood flow, which is amazing if you a gym bunny!

5.     It clears your skin

The best part is the results you see on your skin. After a few sessions your skin will be GLOWING!
Have a little google to find your nearest infrared sauna and give it a try.

Have you been in an infrared sauna? What benefits did you see? Leave a comment below…

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