5 Healthy Habits I Do Everyday

5 Healthy Habits I Do Everyday

No day is the same for me, which means at first it was hard to establish a routine. However, I’ve managed to learn to incorporate some healthy habits into my day to try and get some sense of structure. Follow these 5 healthy habits I do everyday and they will leave you feeling well slept, calm, happy, and energised. These five things are absolute musts to boost my mood!


1. Deep Belly Breaths

Every morning I take 5 deep belly breaths, doing this makes you stop for a minute, calms you and gets you ready for the day.


2. Make a Gratitude List

While you are in the shower, brushing your hair or making your breakfast take this time to reflect and make a list in your mind of everything you are grateful and thankful for.


3. Put a Workout in your Diary

Physically schedule a workout into your day, if it’s not in the diary it’s not real! Getting yourself organised will make you feel accomplished and in control. Try and do it in the morning to really set you up for the day, you’ll bounce into work!


4. Drink Water

I know everyone says this but water truly is a saviour when it comes to making you feel good, it makes your body feel rejuvenated, hydrated and glowing. I make sure to carry a water bottle with me all the time to remind myself to drink up. Try adding some fresh lemon or lime to jazz it up.


5. Use a Pillow Spray

You can buy some beautiful smelling sprays now, infused with a variety of essential oils like Lavender, Chamomile or Water Lilly; keep it by your bed and spray it before you go to sleep to relax after a busy day – and make the room smell gorgeous!

What are your daily habits that you can’t live without?

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