4 things I learnt from going offline

4 things I learnt from going offline

Over July and August I went offline. I was 36 weeks pregnant when I switched off, then came back online after Shay (my gorgeous son) was 4 weeks old. It was so nice to give my brain a break from social media, emails and being online and really enjoy this special time with my new family member.

Going offline taught me many things and I wanted to share them with you today. Maybe they will inspire you to take a little break:

1. I wasted so much time online

Before Shay came into the world and over the last few weeks of my pregnancy I realised how much time I spent online, I didn’t time it, but it must have been hours, checking instagram, scrolling Facebook, refreshing my emails endlessly, it was an addiction. It really did feel so strange not having these apps on my phone. My battery suddenly lasted longer than 24 hours and I actually read a book for once rather than the Daily Mail. I felt refreshed.

2. I felt better in myself

Being heavily pregnant and anxious about the next chapter of life the last thing I needed was another gorgeous blogger showing off her abs in some amazing luxury holiday destination. It was so nice just to focus on my life and all that was happening with me rather than being consumed with others lives. Don’t get me wrong I did miss it, but spending so much time looking at others lives your reality often gets twisted and you can’t realise how amazing your life is. Especially having time off it when Shay arrived made me feel less anxious he was and is all consuming so it was nice just to be in our little bubble.

3. I slept better

I defiantly noticed my sleep improved as I didn’t have so much information going around my head. It’s amazing how much we take on, so many peoples different words, images, opinions it can make your head explode. I’m a massive over thinker so when I have less on my mind I sleep better simple as :)

4. I was more mindful 

I found that I was more mindful especially walking down the street my head was up looking around rather than down at my phone. We don’t smile at each other enough and when you’re not looking down at your phone you can have that magical eye contact with a stranger that makes you feel more connected to this crazy world.

Overall it was a very positive experience. It did give me a little FOMO but the magical experience of having a child trumped it massively. I’m not planning to quit social, don’t worry, I love social media. The time away from it has just taught me to use it more mindfully. Instead of constantly being on it I’m just going to go on it at one nap time (Shay’s nap time not mine) a day. I know I want to be a mother that looks into my child’s eye and is always present with him not always looking at my phone.

Social media is amazing and it inspires me everyday but I was a total addict and I’m learning to wean off a little bit.

I hope this post inspires you to maybe take a little break of cut back a little.

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