3 Things To Remember On Your Self-Love Journey|

3 Things To Remember On Your Self-Love Journey|

Perfection is something that as women we often strive for…

We want to be the best partner, best mum, best employee, but it’s not always easy. I’m far from perfect, in fact, I’m perfectly flawed. As I’ve gotten older I’ve bcome way more comfortable with mysef. However, it has been a long journey, which is why I wanted to share 3 things that you should always remember:

1) Try not to compare – there is no doubt that we all absolutely love instagram; however, it is easy to compare yourself or your lives with others when scrolling through the perfect pictures on Instagram. So, always remember that most of the time you’ll only see the best snippets of peoples lives, or the best angle of their bodies. So remember, to be in love with your life!

2) Give yourself a break – I know, I know, I say this so much on here. But honestly, when you start giving yourself a break and thinking about how far you have come, you’ll realise you are doing just great. Maybe you’re eating more fruit, or taking the stairs instead of escalators, whatever it may be – you are trying and that is amazing in itself.

3) You can’t be everything – (I personally think any way). For so long, I wanted to be the bestest friend, the best mum and nail every yoga move in the book. But, I now realise I am still a work in progress, and it’s totally ok that I have things I can be better at. It makes me more excited to get up in the morning!

I’m supporting @womenshealthuk #InShapeMyShape campaign, to help inspire women to love their bodies for what they do, rather than how they look.

I think it’s just amazing that we can all help and support each other in loving ourselves for what we are, rather than what we’re not.

I hope this helped. Hop over to my instagram @madeleineshaw and let me know your thoughts.

Love, Madeleine. Xx

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